[K-POP/SCANDAL/K-RUMOR] CO.ED : Kangho Accused Of Raping Pre-Debut

Rape accusations against rookie Co.Ed’s member Kangho has resurfaced on the net.

The victim named Kangho of allegedly raping her pre-debut on her blog after rumors have surfaced on the net.

Here are the entries of the alleged victim as captured from her blog:


I’m (a) victim of the rape-dol…

When I first heard that he debuted as an idol singer, I snorted.
I guess even the filthiest trash can become singers.
I saw the music video and thought, “Young elementary, middle, and high school kids are probably watching this praising how handsome he looks, crying “oppa oppa”.
The thought is so disgusting.

I wanted to forget about it and move on, but an acquaintance who knew of my story told me to type in “Co-ed rape-dol”…. ㅋㅋㅋ

It’s true.
There were so many comments saying “It’s probably a rumor”, “It can’t be the truth”…
so I decided to muster up my courage and write this.

The screenshots of the entry that are floating around is not my story….
but I was another victim.
The thought that there was another person who was also violated by that bastard wasn’t really surprising to me.
How should I say it… I just realized “Oh, I really wasn’t the only one.”

There are many misconceptions regarding the story, and I will say this one thing.
The “Hogwarts” that was mentioned in the diary was what the neighborhood kids called the playground at Raemian Apartments in Seo Cho district in Seoul.
The schools that were closeby to that area was Seo Won Elementary, Seo Il Middle, Ban Po High, Seo Cho High, Yang Jae High, and many more.
I suppose that many of those reading this entry – whether or not they be from Co-ed – must feel some sort of disappointment or sorrow.
Do your parents know? What kind of actions your so-called ‘respectful’ son committed?
Do your girlfriends know? What kind of bastards their dearly beloved boyfriends were?

Anyways, it’s true. I wish it wouldn’t just pass over as a rumor.
I also wish that those comments saying “He was young and immature at the time, it makes sense he did #@$^(” won’t come out again.
Please help..
At that time, I was afraid, weak, and didn’t know what to do… I just assumed it was a situation I had to lose to.
But I will not rest when this keeps being dismissed as a rumor, that the person who did this to me puts on a selfish smile as he gets showered with love and praise, probably not even knowing what fault he’s done, how he drastically changed a person’s life and probably doesn’t even know.

I’ve never once asked for help.
This is my first and last request.
Help me.

I’ll reveal who it is

There were many skeptics regarding my last entry.
I simply wrote it because I didn’t want it to be covered up as a rumor…
I guess the culprit isn’t well-known enough for the netizens to find based on the information~
Am I allowed to say it so directly?
It’s Hot Blood Kangho~
Born in 91 and lived in the Seo Cho neighborhood all his life.


Kangho’s management has yet to confirm or give an official statement regarding this issue.

Please stay tuned at ©HOTSPICYKIMCHI for more updates.


Rumor or not, this can make or break Kangho’s career. Let’s all hope this scandal ends in a positive manner.

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3 responses to “[K-POP/SCANDAL/K-RUMOR] CO.ED : Kangho Accused Of Raping Pre-Debut

  1. Kangho might be handsome and hot but I don’t think I really like him when I first knew he debuted. Well, if he really did this to the girls then I hope he’ll be kicked out of the entertainment. CoEd can do better without him.

  2. This is the dumbest thing ever. I can’t say that it is true, nor do I want to be a crazy-ass anti and go on a witch hunt either. Humans are really flighty creatures. They believe anything and everything that they deem true. For all I care, there are a ton of Kanghos born in 91. Why point your finger at one person. This is so messed up.

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