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Brian Joo Canadian Fans’ Facebook

Brian Joo Canadian Fans’ Twitter

For New & Old Korean Pics

Asian Pop Downloads

Manned by 2 crazed KPOP/CPOP/JPOP fans to provide downloadables [such as music/lyrics/graphics/music video downloads/HD Screencaps


South East Asia SNSD Fan Union


Sugar and Spice of K-pop Life


Official MBLAQ Attack


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24 Comments to “OUR AFFILIATES”

  1. Hi! Musta? Nabasa ko yung post mo na gusto mong mag-affiliate. Please post a message here:


    Thank you!

    BOICEPH Moderator

  2. how to Affiliate with you?
    No button? 0.O

  3. Name of Blog: kpop color
    your Site’s URL: koreanphotoblog.wordpress.com
    Description: new and old korean pics
    button: http://koreanphotoblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/k-pc2.gif?w=315&h=117

    And how should i add you? ^^

  4. Done! 🙂
    Agree! ^^

    U’ll see me here alot ! ^^

  5. site: Asian Pop Downloads
    Url: http://www.asianpopdls.blogspot.com
    button: http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q413/jonasfan200/Untitled-1.gif
    description: 2 crazed kpop/cpop/jpop fans 🙂 here to provide downloadables [such as music/lyrics/graphics/music video downloads/HD Screencaps .. ALL MADE/PROVIDED by us 🙂 <3]

    if you add please drop by oursite and give us a mention 🙂 . so we add you back 🙂

  6. we’ve added yu in affliates (: thank you soo much ❤

  7. I’ve changed my link to: http://playcandynyny.wordpress.com/
    Please add my new link, blog is still under construction.

  8. I added your blog now! =)

    -Lexiane of Seoulove

  9. Name of your blog: TOPKHEART | Philippines Top Korean Heartthrobs
    Your blog’s URL: http://topkheartph.net.tc
    Short description of your blog: TOPKHEART features most of Kpop Male Artist and Korean Male Celebrity Icons providing related news and updates.
    Your blog’s icon / button: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_GI7l5h_Vgrk/TNAn0z1RpRI/AAAAAAAAAEs/Ovl15BvRD-0/s320/PTKHT.PNG

    Kindly consider us, thank you so much!

  10. Name of your blog: Official MBLAQ Attack
    Your blog’s URL: http://officialmblaqattack.wordpress.com
    Short description of your blog: The latest MBLAQ goodies
    Your blog’s button: http://mblaqattack.com/forums/uploads/links/lback-affy.gif

  11. Kimchi! 😀 Miss you girly but how about we partner up? email me: bumpthis.editor@gmail.com and I’ll give you more details =))

  12. Can we be affiliates?

    Name of your blog: sycrah’s Cafe
    Your blog’s URL: http://sycrah.wordpress.com/
    Short description of your blog: You can download free asian music here^^
    Your blog’s icon / button: http://i.imgur.com/iFfKd.jpg
    contact me at: lost.vivi@yahoo.com

    thanks in advance and have a nice day! 😄

  13. Name of Blog: Allsnsd
    your Site’s URL: http://www.allsnsd.com
    Description: SNSD fansite that share everythings about SNSD like music, photos, news, and many more
    button: http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/384266_244988575561526_239529806107403_693198_1404420024_n.jpg

    We already put your site link in our website… ^^

    • Hey guys from allsnsd.com. I’m so sorry for getting back at you after such a long time. I hope you still remember me. I’m thinking of revamping and reopen my site again. Thanks for considering my blog last time. Will definitely mention your site on my blog.

      Will update with you guys soon, especially with SNSD making an awesome comeback for 2013. Cheerios.

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