Meet The Fangirl

DSC07298I’m Eve.
Now, a name. Soon, a legend. 🙂

I’m Flip. Just turned 21 this year.
Graduated in Nursing Studies from college last year, and for the time being, a bum.
Part-time content writer/virtual assistant.
Am currently waiting for the July Board Exams 2010 results. (Wish me luck.)

I spend most of my free time indulging in fan girl pursuits.
For now, I’m loving:
BIG BANG (for 3 years already and self-proclaimed shipper of Seung Ri, my Baby)
Girls Generation
Wonder Girls
2PM (Nichkhun-shipper)
DBSK (Changmin-shipper)
Super Junior (Leeteuk/Kyuhyun-shipper)
SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong-shipper)
F.T Island (Jae Jin-shipper)
C.N Blue (Jung YoungHwa-shipper)
UKiss (Dongho-shipper)

I also love watching Asian dramas, sitcoms, variety shows, ANIME, and reading manga.
Fave animes:
Kimi ni Todoke
Special A
Yamato Nadeshiko Sichi Henge
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!
Bokura Ga Ita
Hanasakeru Seishounen

For your pleasure or annoyance, here’s 20 Unusual Things About ME:
♥ I am a big MALDITA. ♥
Don’t get it? You can Google it.
♥ I’m pretty much a messy person. ♥
I have empty mineral bottles and 7-day-old candy wrappers all over my desk.
But I’m one hell of a neat freak when I’m in the right mood.
(You should see how spic and span the whole house is.)
♥ I inject sarcasm to approximately 40% of what I say. ♥
Especially when I talk to two-faced people.
♥ I am a def camwhore. ♥
Yes, because I believe that it’s not a sin to be vain, darlings.
♥ I love saturated fat. ♥
Period. Diets simply don’t work for me.
♥ I like being the driver of our fam car and scaring the crayola outta my passengers. ♥
Especially Pinky, my younger sister.
♥ I was Class Klutz for 8 straight years in school. ♥
Talk about clumsy-overload. I am so clumsy at times to the extent of tripping over my own shadow.
♥ I hit the snooze button at least 5 times every morning. ♥
Thank you for not waking me up. And don’t you even need to try. You’ll just tire yourself.
♥ I like anything that has the word and feel “oriental” in it. ♥
Thus the K-POP fanaticism. Gets?
♥ I’m allergic to CHICKENS and EGGS. ♥
I love you, ALLERTA. Life without you would be fried-chicken less.
♥ I love gadgets, and anything digital. ♥
Especially the ones that do my job for me.
♥ I love my folks. ♥
They’re the coolest. And not just because they let me play K-POP songs loud on our speakers.
It goes way more than that.
♥ I enjoy changing my mood every hour & doing monologues (on paper, that is). ♥
But puhhlease, I’M NOT CRAZY. Writing calms me.
♥ I once cried at a mall in front of lotsa people. ♥
See? I’m such a DRAMA Queen.
♥ I’m a sucker for sisig, chocolate ice cream, blueberry cheesecake, and yes, KIMCHI. ♥
No explanation needed.
♥ Reverse psychology never works on me. ♥
(Ask my mom. Tested and proven with time.)
♥ I eat too much when I’m depressed or stressed. ♥
Just like now.
♥ I can stay awake 3 days straight in front of my PC. ♥
With bathroom privileges, of course.
♥ I’m a procrastinator. ♥
Tested and proven. But only to those who are BAD to me.
So, beware.
♥ I sometimes find myself drowning in random senseless thoughts. ♥
Wanna try?
♥ I sleep with my player on. ♥
Simply because silence kills me.
♥ I’m of mixed proportions. ♥
My Mom’s of some Spanish descent & I get to know a lil bit of Spanish like, “salud! estoy borracho”.
While, my Dad’s some parts Chinese in descent naman so we get to have maki, siomai, chop suey, and TIKOY at times.
Which means that I have, to some extent, Spanish and Chinese blood but the mosquitos sucked them all and what’s left of me is totally Flip.
♥ I wanted to take up Culinary Arts, Law or Translational Languages. ♥
And yet, my parents urged (forced) me to take up Nursing.
Talk about virtue of no choice.
♥ I love Music, Social Sciences, History, and yes, international languages. ♥
I’m also fond of studying Asian culture and learning new languages as well.
I’m into photography and culinary arts too.
♥ I’m a 2-year-old kid trapped in a teenager’s body. ♥
And the playmate of my lil sis, Brelle. That is according to my Dad.
Well, that’s it for now.
I hope I didn’t bore you, much. 🙂
Kamsahamnida for visiting my blog and please don’t forget to post comments, and leave some suggests. 🙂
Let’s spread the K-POP love.
Aja! ~Hwaiting.


17 Comments to “Meet The Fangirl”

  1. Wow, lots of facts about you! Anyways, want to exchange blog links? I don’t think we have before.

  2. Eonni, i love your blog.
    keep it up.

  3. Hi,

    Great blog. We were wondering if you would like to contribute to our blog.

  4. Cool blog! I was wondering if you’d like to exchange links? I write about different kinds of asian music but mostly kpop/cpop:

  5. I couldn’t find it!!!
    Where r u from?

  6. Hi, may i know who sang the song ‘Be the one’ that is in your playlist? Thanks!

  7. Hello Eve ^.^

    i like your website, so many update and not hard to find news that i search, because you categorized it well done 😀
    i just want to suggest to you, your website background is white and you use little font that i must trying hard to read news.

    *sorry my english not well XD, and thank you for your hard work ^.^

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