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April 27, 2011

[K-POP] Big Bang : Daesung Will Perform “Baby Don’t Cry” on M! Countdown


Big Bang member Daesung will perform his solo from the Special Edition album for the first time during this week’s M! Countdown music show.

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November 29, 2010

[K-POP] BIG BANG : YG Officially Announces The Boys’s Comeback And Digital Albums (DETAILS)


Top Korean agency YG Entertainment has announced that boy band Big Bang will make their long-awaited comeback to the local music scene, as their original five-member band and also through solo and duo albums.

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November 11, 2010

[K-POP[ Oh Won Bin : Clears Rumors About Not Being In Good Terms With FT Island


Oh Wonbin (20) who left FT Island is finally having an solo comeback. He also tires to settle rumors about him not being in good terms with his former bandmates.

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November 10, 2010

[K-POP] Oh Won Bin : Makes His Comeback As Solo Artist


It has only been two years and Oh Wonbin is making his comeback. His digital single “I Love You, I Love You” will be released through online music websites at 12 midnight on 11th November. The song “I Love You, I Love You” that is about to be released is a song that combines the beautiful orchestra music and repeated chords. It synchronized many types of melodies, making it a slow song. Brown Eyed Girls’ member, Miryo, also participated in the song.

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September 26, 2010

[K-POP/J-POP] Brown Eyed Girls : Ga-In All Set To Start Solo Activities In October


Now that Narsha has bidden us goodbye after two months of solo activities, it’s now someone else’s turn in the Brown Eyed Girls to debut solo. The girls’ agency said on the 26th that Ga-in would debut in October with an album while at the same time promoting in Japanese activities.

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August 11, 2010

[K-POP/J-POP] SS501 : Park Jung Min Is Set To Invade Japan Solo


SS501 member Park JungMin who has moved over to CNR Media, will be invading Japan.

Park JungMin will depart to Japan on 13-Aug for a Japan promotional activity. After this promotional activity, he will get into full-scale activities in Japan.

More deets of Park Jung Min’s Japan invasion after the cut.

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August 10, 2010

[K-POP] SS501 : Park Jung Min Has Gone Solo


SS501’s ex-member Park Jung Min has officially joined a new company and is going solo. On SS501’s official website, Park Jung Min wrote an entry to his fans to explain and inform them of his situation.

He wrote,

It’s Jung Min.
I’m going to become Park Jung Min apart from SS501. The company I’m with is called CNR MEDIA, and it’s a company that’s been created by Taiwan’s Comic-ritz and Korea’s ROY MEDIA. I’m nervous and worried, but please give me strength as I debut as Jung Min. I will work harder and keep improving.

More after the cut.

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August 7, 2010

[K-POP/C-POP] Hangeng : Still In Contact With Super Junior


Before, netizens criticized former Super Junior member Han Geng for going solo, saying he was ungrateful. Saying he “*forgot favors and violated justice.”  Hangeng answers these rumors.

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July 26, 2010

[K-POP] Super Junior : Yesung,”I prefer being in SuJu than going solo.”


Super Junior and MBLAQ will have a 3 vs 3 confrontation game on Entertainment program ‘Variety World’ aired on SBS E!TV.

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July 19, 2010

[K-POP] After School : Gahee’s Solo Activites


After School leader GaHee will be having her solo album release either late August or early September.

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July 19, 2010

[K-POP/C-POP] Super Junior : Hangeng to visit Taiwan + cheers from Jay Chou


Mainland Chinese solo artist and former Super Junior Han Geng was in Beijing this past weekend holding his “Geng’s Heart” concert for two days, and will next head to Taiwan on August 15th to hold his first event there at National Taipei University’s Recreation Center. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow on July 20th starting at 2:09 PM, because Han Geng’s birthday is on February 9th (2/9).

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August 11, 2009

[INFO] Kim JongHoon is solo


Singer Kim JongHoon for first solo album to be released on 1st September

18-KimJungHoon.jpg Kim Jeong Hoon image by qawi283

Singer Kim JongHoon will release his first solo album.

Debuted in duo UN in 2006, Kim JongHoon who is currently serving his military services will release his first solo album in 3 years and 6 months on 1st September.

What is special is that this is his first ever solo album since his debut. He has released 7 Japanese single albums since October 2006, and was hailed as one of the Hallyu stars, with him being casted in Goong.

And in this minialbum, there will be 3 songs included. While he was working on this album, Kim JongHoon had received the notice to enlist for military services.

– ©Kbites

August 10, 2009

[INFO] GD releases “Boy” Preview


Big Bang GDragon releases a preview to his debut solo album ahead of the official release.

YG said, “GDragon has revealed the preview to the song ‘Boy’ through meday site on 10th August.”

The responses to the preview was overwhelming, even though the song was revealed at 3am in the morning, it has received over 20K replies on me2day site, many fans have stayed up to wait for the song preview.

It is said that GDragon will also be revealing another song on 11th August, and will go ahead to reveal the title song on 12th August.

Meanwhile it has been known that both GDragon and the Brave Brothers, who will be releasing their solo albums on the same day on 18th, had filmed their MV on the same day on 7th August.


G-Dragon – 소년이여 (Boy) Preview



GD your choice drop it on me
밤은 깊었는데 잠은 안오고 늘어난 두통과 싸우고
이러저리 뒤척이다 생각에 잠겨 또 펜을 붙잡고
빼곡히 써내려가는 가사 이 안에 내 철학이 가득하다
뿌연 담배 연기 꽉 찬 내 방 home sweet home 아늑하다

Credit: 뱅뱅귀여워 @ bbvipz
Source: G-Dragon’s me2DAY for mp3

August 8, 2009

[INFO] GD is all big for his solo



Big Bang GDragon, who will be releasing his first solo album on his birthday coming 18th August, has showed off what seems like a big project in the making.

He did the filming for his MV on 7th August in a filming set in NamYangJoo. He has been preparing for his solo debut set to take place on 18th August. According to the staff working at the filming set, more than 10 large-size filming sets are used to achieve high perfection for GDragon’s MV.

The staff themselves were surprised at how big scale this project is when they were told about it.

And for the filming that, there is not reveal of how it is going to be like, and GDragon did the filming in secrecy, and this attracts even more attention from music industry experts. Much interests into how the music and the MV to the producer and leader of team Big Bang will turn out to be.

One of the representative said, “It will be music beyond what everyone can expect and the MV will give fans a surprise too.”

Meanwhile, other members from Big Bang like TaeYang and DaeSung will also be releasing their new solo albums within this year.

– Kbites


GD’s me2day updates August 8, 2009

  • #08.08.2009: And where is this place? hh Ahh, even though it is tiring I will work hard and please keep anticipating for this^^


  • #08.08.09: Hello Big Bang!!!ㅋㅋ
  • [Photo translation: Daesungie, SeungRi, YoungBae, TOP hyung, Me]


  • #08.08.09: Good morning-this is the bed which I always sleep and wake up in hh Amazing isn’t it? Cha, so for today its also G2! Start


  • #08.08.2009: What can this be∼? I’m currently filming my MVㅠ For people who can guess this right will get a CD.. hehe


Saranghae and thanks to Sookyeong.

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