Meet The Fangirl

I’m Den aka hotspicykimchi. 
I’ve been a fangirl of anything K-POP and Asian dramas since 2005.
Kamsahamnida for visiting my blog and please don’t forget to post comments, and leave some suggests. 
Be SWEEEEEG and let’s spread the K-POP love.
Aja! ~~~Hwaiting.


17 responses to “Meet The Fangirl

  1. Wow, lots of facts about you! Anyways, want to exchange blog links? I don’t think we have before.

    • Hey, PopSeoul.

      Thanks for coming by the blog.

      Contribute articles for PS? That would be awesome.
      Sure. I’d love to.
      Can you email me the deets?


  2. Cool blog! I was wondering if you’d like to exchange links? I write about different kinds of asian music but mostly kpop/cpop:

  3. Hello Eve ^.^

    i like your website, so many update and not hard to find news that i search, because you categorized it well done 😀
    i just want to suggest to you, your website background is white and you use little font that i must trying hard to read news.

    *sorry my english not well XD, and thank you for your hard work ^.^

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