[K-POP/K-ISSUES] Produce 101 Season 2 | CJ E&M confirm online rigging of votes


Mnet’s latest reality boy band survival show, “Produce 101 Season 2,” is recently doing headlines after tackling lots of controversies. 

From contestant Han Jong Youn (Maroo Entertainment) leaving because of bullying and sexual harassment allegations, to Kang Daniel (MMO Entertainment) along with other trainees being accused of cheating by egging their fans to manipulate the votes on Mnet’s concept song poll, and Ha Min Ho (The Vibe Label) caught trying to engage in sexual relationships with minors, it seems the show is going off the charts for its many scandals.

It has been officially confirmed that there had been foul play involved in voting for the show’s contestants, with some fans attempting to rig the process.

According to the show’s creator CJ E&M, transactions of CJ ONE accounts — which allow users to vote on the show — had occurred at China-based websites. Some of the accounts had been sold on the condition that the buyer vote for a specific candidate.

“We estimate that around 2 percent of voters participated via account sales, and we have blocked the said voters from websites of ‘Produce 101,’” CJ E&M said in an official statement.

This makes all illegitimate votes nullified and will not influence the results anymore, and all eleven winners will be decided via popular votes.

The company has also asked the China-based websites to block these transactions and stop votes with China-based IP addresses.

Its name comes from its tradition of having 101 participants, who all perform its theme song on one stage prior to the show kicking off.


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