[K-POP/J-POP] 2PM : Makes Fans Crazy on “Hey! Hey! Hey!” (VIDEO)

2PM are advancing in Japan and has been promoting the Japanese version of one of their hit songs, “Heartbeat”. They recently guested in one of Japan’s popular show titled, “Hey Hey Hey!”.

The group performed flawlessly and captured the hearts of not only the female guests but also made the male guests look at them in awe. As we all know, 2PM isn’t known as ‘Beastly Idols’ for nothing. Three members namely, Taecyeon, Nickhun and Chansung showed off their abs at the end of their performance as a perfect ending making all the guests present stand up in excitement and shock. One male guest called them sexy and two female guests couldn’t keep their hands off them. Their Japanese Album titled, “Take Off” is expected to be released this May 18, 2011.

Watch their awesome performance and the guests’ reactions below!

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2 responses to “[K-POP/J-POP] 2PM : Makes Fans Crazy on “Hey! Hey! Hey!” (VIDEO)

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    I’m fayejjang from Korea.com. I wrote two of the articles that were posted here. One of the head admin in Korea.com linked me to this site where two of my articles were featured. Could you please change the sources from “fayejjang@korea.com” to “Eunice Faye Tresvalles/Associate Writer of Korea.com”? The admin asked that I tell you this. Hope you don’t mind changing it. Please do email me for questions as well as for your answer as the admin is waiting for a reply from me. I’m sorry I wrote it here but I don’t know how to contact you aside from placing a comment here.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi, Faye. 🙂

      Ommo. No problem. I’ll gladly change it for you. I hope you don’t mind me sharing your posts on my site.
      Thanks a lot for informing me.

      Glad to see a fellow Flip so adept in translating news articles. Keep it up.
      Mianhae, once again.


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