[K-POP] JYJ : Jaejoong Joins Song Joong Ki & Im Joo Hwan For Pusan Trip, A Gathering Of Flower Boys

Group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Actor Song Joongki, Model/Actor Im Joohwan have shown up in the coastal waters of Pusan.

Flower boys (T/N: literally, “flower good-looking men”) have shown up in Pusan.

Details after the cut.

Kim Jaejoong posted on his Twitter on the afternoon of the 26th a photograph that he took with his flower-boys friends and wrote that “the fish is super big” and is thus gathering attention.

In the publicized photo, Kim Jaejoong has gone on an outing to the aquarium with Song Joongki, Im Joohwan and such friends. In particular, Kim Jaejoong provides a laugh because he is wearing on top of a black hat a hairband that has cute adornments. Kim Jaejoong and Song Joongki are opening their mouths wide as if they are surprised by the sizeable fishes.

Continuing, Kim Jaejoong posted a photo taken on the coastal waters of Pusan with the words “Excited/Looking forward to the Pusan Concert. Yoochun, let’s get better soon.” In the publicized photo, again there are Jaejoong’s friends such as Song Joongki and Im Joohwan. In particular Song Joongki in front of the ocean has a very excited expression like a kid.

The netizens who have become exposed to the photos have shown varied reactions such as: “It’s a gathering of flower boys,” “I’d rather become the fish in the aquarium,” “I’m becoming curious as to how Kim Jaejoong, Song Joongki, and Im Joohwan met each other.”

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