[K-POP] Jung Woo Sung : Reportedly Having A Hard Time

Actor Jung Woo Sung canceled his birthday party and drank with the chief director of his agency instead.

Star actor Jung Woo Sung, who has been directly hit by the stir caused by “Seo Taiji and Lee Ji-ah“, spent his 38th birthday in shock and sorrow on April 22. An old friend and the chief director of Taurus Film (to which Jung Woo Sung belongs) named Kim Yeon Hak posted his writings on his Twitter account on April 22 at around midnight, “I drank with my old friend (Jung Woo Sung) whom I have spent time together for the past 24 years. I just want to say that time goes fast”.

He continued, “He is having a hard time, and I am also having a hard time looking at him. Today, I was not his boss, but his old friend”. Jung Woo Sung had reportedly planned to have a birthday party with his girlfriend Lee Ji-ah and his close friends, but the plan had been canceled when the shocking news that Lee Ji-ah had married Seo Taiji, divorced, and have been under a lawsuit was disclosed one day before his birthday. Kim Yeon Hak met Jung Woo Sung to console him while having a drink with him.

On April 21, when the news was reported, Jung Woo Sung said only one statement, “I cannot believe this. I hope this is not true”. Kim also said during the interview with Yonhap News on the phone, “Jung Woo Sung told me that he could not believe any of the words from people. He was extremely shocked by the news”.

Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji-ah became a couple while they acted together in the SBS TV drama “ATHENA“, that finished airing last February, and Jung Woo Sung officially admitted that he had been dating Lee Ji-ah. Netizens all agreed that Jung Woo Sung was the biggest victim from the stir caused by Seo Taiji and Lee Ji-ah.

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One response to “[K-POP] Jung Woo Sung : Reportedly Having A Hard Time

  1. Though this issue was being publicized quiet some months ago, as I ponder, it came to my mind that there must be someone who had been stalking the relationship of LJA and JWS. First, their travel in Paris, the plane they boarded and so the seating position and the place where they had been walking. Then when JWS revealed their relationship on his press conference and profess his love on LJA and became public then coincidentally a day before his birthday the issue on the lawsuit of LJA was divulged. The issue on the secrecy of LJA broke JWS’s heart. Maybe this person who revealed the lawsuit is also the one who’s been stalking them in Paris. Maybe he/she was very much opposed tot he relationship of LJA/JWS to the point that both parties were so much hurt especially on LJA. She was being demoralized. I hope this person who caused the issue has conscience and.I pray that JWS would understand LJA if he truly love her. For me, its not a deception on the part of LJA coz for sure she was going to reveal it to JWS only that the media was able to make it first to publicized before LJA confessed to JWS.

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