[K-POP] DBSK : Yunho Used To Abandon His Young Sister

The beautiful younger sister of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho) has appeared on TV for the first time and spills on some gritty info about her brother.

On SBS’ ‘Sweet Hometown Visit, Dalgona’, U-Know Yunho’s younger sister Jung Ji Hae said, “I am a woman who was abandoned by U-Know Yunho.”
According to Jung Ji Hae, the two were at a school festival at their elementary school where she gave the introduction and U-Know Yunho sang the final solo. After completing her task, she asked U-Know Yunho, “Where should I wait for you?” to which he replied, “Go wait in your classroom.”

But U-Know Yunho didn’t show up, no matter how long Jung Ji Hae waited. Three hours had passed before he reached the classroom completely out of breath. It was that he had forgotten about his sister and gone home.

Jung Ji Hae said, “Oppa, do you know how hungry, cold and sleepy I was? Because of that incident, I started to have a fear of classrooms,” and shouted, “U-Know Yunho, who abandoned his sister. Reflect upon your actions!”

U-Know Yunho seemed embarrassed by his sister’s outburst but said, “Honestly, I’m a really forgetful person. There are times when I make plans to meet up with people, and forget about them later. I forgot about my sister when she’s the one person I should never forget about,” and showed remorse by saying, “I started coming up to Seoul when I was still attending elementary school, so I didn’t get to see Ji Hae often. She’s always been pretty and tall ever since she was little, so I should have been there to protect her from other guys but I wasn’t.”

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