[K-POP] DBSK | JYJ : Micky’s Perfect Shoulders Makes Fans Swoon

JYJ Park Yoochun’s goosebumps evoking 90-degree shoulders are once again a hot topic.

On a famous online community’s posting board, a post titled “Park Yoochun paper ad shoot” was revealed with writing and picture on the 26th.

Park Yoochun is dressed casually, wearing a white t-shirt with a blue cardigan. However, having met his 90-degree shoulders, even a normal-looking outfit is shinning more than any other brand-name clothes. Furthermore, Yoochun’s boy-like bright smile is enough to melt a woman’s heart.

To the post, Netizens replied, “It feels as if my monitor became brighter,” “this man is getting younger as he ages. At this rate, he might turn into a kid,” “talking about 90-degree shoulders now makes my mouth hurt.”

Park Yoochun is currently shooting for MBC’s Mon-Tues drama “Ripley” set to air in May.

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