[K-POP] Min Hyo Rin : Makes a Fresh Appearance for KBS Drama, “Romance Town”

Actress Min Hyo Rin makes a comeback after a 2 year hiatus from the drama scene with KBS’ upcoming drama, “Romance Town.”

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Actress Min Hyo Rin will present her fresh charms by playing a beautiful maid in the drama “Romance Town.” She will make a comeback after two year-break in the KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama “Romance Town (written by Seo Sook Hyang, directed by Hwang Eui Kyung and Kim Jin Won).” She will play a seventeen year-old maid named Jeong Da Gyeom, who is beautiful and has full confidence.

Min Hyo Rin participated in the first filming along with other actresses who would play other maids so called “garlic maids” in the drama such as Oh Hyun Joo (played by Park Ji Young) and Um Soo Jeong (played by Lee Kyung Sil) on April 16. Those members of “garlic maids” filmed the scene in which they enjoyed flower viewers while coming back from visiting the hospital where Roh Soon Geun (played by Sung Yoo Ri)’s father was hospitalized. Min Hyo Rin wore a pink cardigan and a long skirt to reveal her cute and fresh appearance. She presented her beautiful smiles all the time while filming.

Min Hyo Rin said, “I think that the free-hearted Da Gyeom who says whatever she wants to say looks very attractive. I have never played this violent character before, but I might be able to show my different appearance while playing her. Every line was so impressive. I came to have affection towards Da Geyom while reading the script and whole storyline.” About the story that she came to carry a torch for the landlord Kim Young Hee (played by Kim Min Joon), she said, “I had a same experience before, so I can emphasize Da Gyeom’s fluttering mind and painful heart from the unrequited love.”

The production company said, “Min Hyo Rin seems to be very delicate, but actually she is very strong actress. She is very gentle to the landlord Young Hee, but she expresses her thought with firm attitude to other maids without reserve. She is very suitable to the character Da Gyeom.”

“Romance Town,” which is a story of doubtful maids working at chaebol family, will deal with very various episodes and will begin airing from May 11 as a follow-up drama to “The Thorn Birds.”

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