[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Jang Na Ra : Gives Out Passionate Acting For “Youthful Beauty” (PHOTO SPAM)


Versatile idol actress Jang Na Ra, takes on another vivid character for her upcoming drama “Youthful Beauty” with KBS.

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Actress Jang Na Ra transformed herself into “Youthful Pierott” in the drama “Youthful Beauty.” Jang Na Ra will play a female protagonist named So Young in KBS’s new Monday and Tuesday drama “Youthful Beauty (written by Oh Sun Hyung and Jeong Do Yoon, directed by Lee Jin Seo and Lee So Yeon,” which will begin airing from May 2, and she appeared on the film set wearing colorful make-up that looked like a clown, and her appearance provided laughter on the set. 

Jang Na Ra wore this funny make-up to gain favor with Ji Hyun Seo (An Seo Hyun), who is her boss Ryu Jin’s daughter. Jang had bombarded Hyun Seo with rough words without noticing that she was her boss’s daughter, so she could not help but do what Hyun Seo told her to do to make up for her mistake. While they were playing with dolls together, Hyun Seo took the role of a beautician and put make-up on So Young’s face. So Young could not help letting her draw something on her face. Hyun Seo came to like So Young as she let her do whatever she wanted and came to think that they could understand each other very well. She will play the role of a love messenger between her father Ji Seung Il and Jang Na Ra in the drama later.

In addition, actresses usually try to show their beautiful appearances, but Jang Na Ra reportedly maintained her smile the entire time while filming even though he looked very ridiculous with her funny make-up, and her passionate acting drew a large ovation from production staff members. A person close to Jang Na Ra described Jang Na Ra’s passion towards acting by saying, “Jang Na Ra was overly chatty while saying that she looked so pretty even though she had to present an impressive appearance with funny make-up.” The production company said, “Jang Na Ra is very enthusiastic in her acting. All production staff members are 100 percent satisfied with her acting because she never complained or required something different while acting even though she had to make herself a laughingstock in this romantic comedy drama.” The production staff member’s comment raised more anticipation about the drama.

The romantic comedy “Youthful Beauty,” in which a thirty four year-old woman achieves her dream and attains love by overcoming a handicap of age and educational background with only her absolutely young appearance, will begin airing from May 2 as a follow-up drama to “Detectives in Trouble.”



Writer: KBSi Jin Young Ju
Picture: A Story
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2 responses to “[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Jang Na Ra : Gives Out Passionate Acting For “Youthful Beauty” (PHOTO SPAM)

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  2. Lee So Young should be together with Ji Seung Il instead of Choi Ji wook.Jang Nara and Ryu Jin can make a good couple.They look cute together.

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