[K-POP] JYJ | BEAST | SS501 : Check out FC MEN’s Unique Football Fashion (PHOTO SPAM)

Celebrity football team FC Men has become a hot topic of discussion with members including Song Joong Ki, Kim Bum along with Kim Junsu and Kim Hyun Joong as team captains.

They have attracted attention because of their natural look on the playing field which is very different from their glamourous look onstage. They show off bright and cute images to their fans who has never seen this simplicity from them before.

Let us compare the differences between the sports look and charisma on stage of these idol stars.


Idol stars normally portraying a strong and manly charisma show off a hidden charisma when they show their fresh and modest looks while playing sports. Kim Junsu’s unmade-up hairstyle and sports attire show off a fresh and energetic look. Beast’s Yoon Doojoon drops his usual sharp image to form a mild and natural sportsman look. Lee Kikwang and Kim Hyun Joong’s beanies highlight their small faces, showing a cute image.


Onstage, their manliness is very obvious while their charisma stronger than anyone else captivates their audience’s attention. Kim Junsu wears a big men’s necklace at his wide neckline, adding to his manly charisma and grandness. Yoon Doojoon pairs his long, oval face with a simple collar, adding to his handsome look. Whereas Lee Kikwang pairs a blue and white semi casual outfit with simple jewellery, showing a clean and crisp image.

Jewellery designer Kim Jeong Ju says, ” There is nothing better to highlight an artist’s charisma onstage besides jewellery. With the right pairings of jewellery and fashion, the audience can see different styles of manly charisma and a cute image better.

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