[K-POP] Jay Park : How His Youtube Account Got Deleted, A First Account By Scott Kinmartin

Here’s a personal account by Tumblr personality, Scott Kinmartin on how Jay Park got his YouTube account terminated from the media site last Friday, April 22.

Read on for the details after the cut.

I have been following Jay Park’s success since mentioning him on an online show last March. His K-Pop fans came swarming in to tell us all about him. When I first heard his “Nothin’ On You” cover, I thought he was just another very talented singer posting a homemade video on YouTube. Afterall, it was a video of Jay singing from his parent’s bathroom.

However, Jay Park is so much more than your average singer. He is an American b-boy, dancer, singer, rapper and actor. Jay was the former leader of South Korea’s boyband 2PM, starred in American dance film Hype Nation and is now part of Seattle’s b-boy crew Art of Movement (AOM).

Since posting his first video on YouTube just over a year ago, Jay has gained almost 175,000 loyal subscribers from around the world and amassed 25 million video views. Jay’s first cover of “Nothin’ On You” went on to win him ‘Best Web Video’ at theMashable Awards. I could go on and on with Jay Park’s accolades, but I think you get the point. He is very talented and has a very strong following with incredible potential. On April 21, 2011, Jay Park’s YouTube channel “jayparkaom” was unexpectedly suspended on YouTube for “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

Upon hearing this news from Jay’s twitter (JAYBUMAOM), I immediately contacted Jay and he told me he wasn’t exactly sure what happened. He mentioned that YouTube partnered him and that he didn’t know that cover songs on YouTube were not permitted.

There are thousands, even millions of song covers on YouTube. It is my understanding that anyone (including YouTube partners) can cover a song, they just cannot monetize (profit) off of a copyrighted song without commercial rights from the song owner/label. I have contacted YouTube’s partner support and told them about the issue. I also provided Jay with contact info so that Jay could work it out with YouTube directly. Hopefully, we can give him an early birthday gift (April 25) and get his channel back. K-Pop fans are always “fighting” for Jay. Good luck, Park Jaebeom!

P.S. Keep in mind that it is not necessarily YouTube who caused his channel to get terminated, but rather the music label(s) of the songs that he covered on YouTube. Please be patient and let YouTube and Jay work things out with the music companies.



Scott Kinmartin


Scott Kinmartin is a digital media artist and social media consultant. Follow him on http://twitter.com/scottkinmartin.

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