[K-POP/K-DRAMA] JYJ : Micky Yoochun Gets Voted “2010 Best Drama Actor” By Netizens For Sungkyunkwan Scandal

KBS Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Park Yoochun (24) was chosen by Netizens as “2010 best drama actor”.

Every year East Asia Daily’s magazine O₂ specialized in pop culture selects the best actor from dramas. through the primary trial with 11 actors from 10:00AM December 3rd to 5:00PM on the 10th online voting results, Park Yoochun received number 1 with 11607 votes.

The voting this time includes 11 actors from 65 dramas by 3 wireless channels. Judging involves East Asia Daily, East Asia sports, dongA.com and other 14 reporters and columnists involved with East Asia performing arts.

“Park Yoochun”, from Idol group “TVXQ” was known as “Micky Yoochun”, used his real name with his first acting challenge starring in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, earned comments about him successfully entering the acting circle. A long with Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu from “TVXQ” they formed the unit “JYJ”, using the name “Yoochun” simultaneously continuing his activities as a singer.

Magazine O₂ will combine the results from the voting, with the scoring from a judging panel of experts, and the number of topics regarding the actor (number of news articles) and such to choose the number 1 best actor.

“2010 Best actor” award results will be published on the 17th through East Asia Daily Weekend Section and O₂ of dongA.com.

Last year’s online voting champion was KBS “Boys Over Flower” Lee Minho, however “best actor” award went to MBC “Queen Seon Duk” Ko Hyunjung.


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