[K-POP] Lee Min Ho : Spends His Night Biking (PHOTO SPAM)

Wondering how Lee Min Ho spends his lonesome nights?

Wonder no more as the actor tweets photos of himself.

Lee Min Ho recently posted images of himself riding his bike during the middle of the night on his minihompy. Although he cannot be recognized since he’s wearing a hat with a mask on his face, but his charm and style can still be seen.

Lee Min Ho also pulled down his mask a little to show a smile with a “v” sign while sitting on his bike.

Lee Min Ho will be playing the male lead role in the upcoming drama “City Hunter,” and preparing hard for it. “City Hunter” was originally a manga by Hojo Tsukasa. The setting of the manga is in the late 1980′s where a city problem solver receives requests by beautiful female clients, and solves each case one by one which the manga received a lot of popularity all over the world. It’s the first time ever since 13 years that the manga will be adapted into a live action drama.

The setting of the “City Hunter” drama, which Lee Min Ho will be playing as the male lead, will be in 2011 Seoul instead of the 1980′s in Tokyo from the original storyline.

The tall and handsome CIA agent Kang Jin will be a problem solver in the cold city for the wounded people who seeks for his help, and he will heal their wounds through an understanding of love and family which is the ideal of the story.

The other cast members have been undecided and “City Hunter” will begin shooting in December.


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2 responses to “[K-POP] Lee Min Ho : Spends His Night Biking (PHOTO SPAM)

  1. Em rat yêu anh Lee Min Ho anh đep trai lắm tiên va ga lang nua ,uoc gi anh ve Viet Nam mot lan nhi,em se xin chu ky

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