[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Marry Me, Mary : Kiss Complicates Drama’s Love Triangle

A protagonist has stolen a kiss from a girl in the KBS2 drama “Marry Me, Mary.” In the November 30 episode, Jung In (Kim Jae-wook) catches Wie Mary (Moon Geun-young) off guard by kissing her suddenly.

The two, who promised to marry under a contract, get to know each other little by little, as they spend time together doing what could be seen as dating — visiting a bookstore and an open market.

Jung In confides in Mary about a painful memory from his childhood. He was abducted when he was eight years old and saved by his father at the last minute. He suffered severe trauma after that. He says, “My father was intentionally very hard on me to make me strong. I know he loved me but at the same time he was extremely strict with me. That has made me feel afraid of disobeying him, and that’s why I agreed to marry you as he wanted me to.”

Hearing that, Mary feels sorry for him. He has told her that he agreed to marry her because he thinks marriage is a kind of business, but it turns out he did not mean it. Jung In also realizes he has feelings for Mary that are more than simple interest. He stops her from leaving and surprises her with a kiss. Kang Mu-gyul (Jang Keun-suk) happens to see this, and feeling surging jealousy, he strikes him in the face.

Mary has another contract with Mu-gyul to pretend to be a couple to avoid her father forcing her to marry Jung In. But now that both men have fallen for Mary, the ball is in Mary’s court.

Mu-gyul, who also realizes he is falling for Mary, tells her to end their contract. He says, “I started to feel confused about my feelings toward you. I don’t know whether I’ve really come to love you or just don’t want to lose to [Jung In]. I even feel confused whether we are a real couple or not. I want to end our contract and stop pretending to be a couple.”

Mary later confesses to all — her father, Jung In, Jung In’s father and Seo Jun (Kim Hyo-jin) — that she lied and is not really seeing Mu-gyul.

But the love triangle between Mary, Jung In and Mu-gyul is likely to become more entangled. The two fathers hurry to have Mary and Jung In engaged, but on the day of the engagement ceremony, Mary disappears to meet Mu-gyul.


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