[K-POP] 2AM | 2PM : Seulong & Nichkhun Are Selca Buddies


2AM Seul Ong and Nickhun uploaded a selca picture and made women’s heart flutter.

On December 2nd Nickhun uploaded a picture of himself and Seul Ong showing V sign on his Tweeter.

In the picture Nickhun and Seul Ong showed off friendly pose with bright smile and captivated people’s hearts.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Very good looking”, “The two of them together are blinding~”, “The best! The best! The best!”, ”

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2 Comments to “[K-POP] 2AM | 2PM : Seulong & Nichkhun Are Selca Buddies”

  1. You two are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my life.

  2. i love u with all my heart, khun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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