[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Marry Me, Mary : Experiences Decreasing Ratings At 6.6%


‘Marry Me, Mary’ recently recorded a one digit national viewers rating.

According to AGB Nilson Media Research, 5th episode of ‘Marry Me, Mary’ recorded 6.6% national viewers rating. This is 1.2% decrease compare to November 22nd‘s 7.8%.

On 5th episode of ‘Marry Me, Mary’, Mary, Moo-kyeol, and Jeong-in’s emotion changes are portrayed. Fake marriages that started with no love are now causing strange sensation among them.

On the other hand, MBC’s ‘Queen of Reversal’ recorded 9.9%, and SBS “Giant” recorded 31.4% viewers rating.


Much like what happened to Playful Kiss, I believe there will be a great Hallyu effect from this drama.

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2 Comments to “[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Marry Me, Mary : Experiences Decreasing Ratings At 6.6%”

  1. You guys amazing!! keep it up!!

  2. i love this drama!! keep it up

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