[K-POP/J-POP] DBSK : Changmin Creates A Romantic Mood On ELLE GIRL’s December Issue (PHOTO SPAM)

DBSK’s Max Changmin recently had a photoshoot for the December 2010 issue ELLE Girl. He also did a short interview talking mostly about, of course, girls.

A gentle love, and a Tokyo love story.

In regards to an invitation to a date, he’s more okay with it! From what he had said to us, he likes to play pool. At first we were just talking about how the scene would be like, but he became more serious over time. This is the first time we’ve seen this expression ❤
If I’m asked out by a girl for a date suddenly, I would feel so rejuvenated! I wouldn’t know how to react and my heart would beat crazily. Personally, I would want to give the person I like a meaningful surprise date. But in reality, there is not enough time for me to prepare for one due to work… There will be a day♪

This time, a challenge to yourself! A never give up image that will surely move him! A girl keeps staring at him
If she’s someone who can accommodate to my interests, I would be very happy as being with this kind of person is fun. For me, I would want to bring her to my favourite baseball game. Don’t two people waving towels while shouting at the top of their lungs sound good?

After deciding on a mission for the loser in a game, it turns out that she had really lost. She, who does not like to lose, looks calm, but anxious sometimes…… She sometimes also smiles like a teenager who will knock you off your feet
No matter whether we’re competing in a game or any sports, I think that persistent girls are charming. If she can win over me, I would feel frustrated for her.

She had prepared a gift box as a present for the date. Although you would want to pay for everything that night, but you couldn’t?
If I’m going to get her a gift, I would first secretly find out what she likes to give her a surprise. If I push off the paying shamelessly to her, as a guy I’m pretty weak (laughs)

Behind the scenes of the ELLE Girl photoshoot with ChangMin!

As ELLE Girl’s regular model, ChangMin has also successfully completed this issue’s photoshoot, and he has become a topic amongst fans, as he has finally appeared on stage at the SMTOWN live concert.
I was really happy at the live. I was feeling 50% guilty for ripping my top on stage. The first time I did it was an accident, and all people around me said, “Will you do it again?” Thus I was more motivated…… although I was against it. But when I was performing, I was so excited that it became a natural thing to do… and I was teased by Yunho too. (Laughs bitterly)

Aren’t you still good friends with YunHo? When there’s a photoshoot, both of you will go to the pool room together right, and if you lose the game will you regret it?
Before reaching the room I don’t have the desire to win. How about rephrasing it in another way, as there is someone who is teaching me, therefore I would want to win.


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