[K-POP] Lee Seung Gi : Gets Pressured By Ho Dong To Confess Love For Moon Chae Won (PHOTO SPAM)

Pressured by Kang Ho Dong, Singer-Actor Lee Seung Gi confessed his love for actress Moon Chae Won?

On the November 30 broadcast of SBS variety show ‘Kang Shim Jang,’ MC Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won were reunited following their participation in last year’s popular SBS drama ‘Brilliant Legacy.’

On this day, the two greeted one another informally and the resulting awkwardness drew a lot of attention. Afterward, laughter ensued at MC Kang Ho Dong’s swift move to pressure the two into creating a beaming love line.

Kang Ho Dong asked Moon Chae Won, “Seeing Lee Seung Gi here like this, what do you think?” and she responded by saying, “I sense a manliness about him that is different from when he was acting” and added “We’ve only communicated by text message.”

Then Kang Ho Dong asked, “Is that why you wanted to see him even more?” and said “During 1 Night 2 Days filming, Lee Seung Gi said ‘Moon Chae Won is a good actress and is also pretty’” taking Lee Seung Gi by surprise.

Lee Seung Gi responded to Kang Ho Dong’s comment by saying, “I acknowledge that I said she was pretty. I love Moon Chae Won to death!” making the studio audience and guests burst out in laughter.

See what really went down at~ Strong Heart, TV Ratings & Recap (Nov 30, 2010).


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