[K-POP] 2AM : JoKwon Shares A Kiss With Yoon Seung Ah

Actress Yoon Seung Ah did a surprising kiss with 2AM Jo Kwon.

In episode 8 of MBC daily sitcom “All My Love” which will be aired on December 1st, Seung Ah (Yoon Seung Ah) accidentally locks lips with Ok Yeob (Jo Kwon).

In today’s episode Seung Ah and her grandmother are annoyed with the mischievous Ok Yeob. When she tries to hit his head, she falls down instead and accidentally kisses Ok Yeob.

The preview of Yoon Seung Ah and Jo Kwon’s kiss in “All My Love” received a lot of attention. Especially because Ga In, who plays Ok Yeob’s twin sister “Geum Ji” in the show and who is also Jo Kwon’s make-believe wife in MBC “We Got Married”, once showed her jealousy because of the kiss.

MBC stated, “As much attention as Jo Kwon and Ga In received in ‘We Got Married’ at the moment, this kissing scene also received a lot of attention and worries from fans.”

[omit news about Yoon Seung Ah and “All My Love” storyline]

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