[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Marry Me, Mary : Episode 7 Spoilers + Preview (VIDEO)

Here you go guys, “Marry Me, Mary” episode 7 spoilers.

Written preview for episode 7:

After Mu Gyul announces that he and Mae Ri are married (at the opening party), everyone is in shock. Especially Mu Gyul himself, who is bothered by the confusion over how he really feels about Mae Ri.

Jung In’s dad finds out about what happened at the opening party, and applies more pressure on Jung In. He tells Jung In that if he fails at both his marriage and his career, then at that time, Jung In won’t even have a place to live.

To lessen the burden on Jung In and Mu Gyul, Mae Ri quits her job at JI Entertainment and, with Jung In’s assistance, starts working as an assistant to the drama screenwriter.

Mae Ri is at Mu Gyul’s place making more kimchee, at the request of his mom, and is found out by her dad. Her dad is upset that Mae Ri is being used like a servant at Mu Gyul’s place. Mae Ri’s dad and Mu Gyul’s mom get into a fight.

Seo Jun, who has stated that she just wants to be friends with Mu Gyul but hoping that they can reconcile, is in shock upon hearing that Mu Gyul and Mae Ri are married.

Jung In and Mae Ri are out on a date, and Mae Ri hears about Jung In’s shocking childhood story. Mae Ri is touched by this vulnerable and emotional side of Jung In. When Jung In drops Mae Ri off in front of Mu Gyul’s place, Jung In can’t control himself and kisses Mae Ri.

Mu Gyul sees this entire exchange, and without a single word, walks right up to Jung In and punches him.


Here, here. Sorry for spoiling you guys. TT_TT

But then again, you know you want it too. Teehee.

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