[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Marry Me, Mary : Episode 6 Recap + Screencaps

I bet you all enjoyed last night’s “Marry Me, Mary” Epiosde 6.

So here’s some recap with screencaps for you to muse on.

Mu Gyul stares at Jung In and repeats Jung In’s challenge from earlier, to be nervous now that Jung In is in it to win it. Who knew this happy-go-lucky Kang Mu Gyul had it in him, to respond so decisively to Jung In’s challenge with a kiss to openly stake his claim on Mae Ri. Jung In acknowledges the kiss-for-his-benefit, turns and walks out of the room without a response. Mu Gyul, like a rooster that’s just won a cockfight, looks at Jung In’s departing figure and smirks that Jung In should be the one who’s nervous now.

Mae Ri asks Mu Gyul the rhetorical question – what did you just do? She runs out of the apartment and crouches down outside, touching her lips and tearing up. Mu Gyul runs out behind her and asks her what is wrong, wasn’t she the one who was always so forward in expressing their relationship for the benefit of Jung In? Mae Ri tells him that this was her first time, which leads Mu Gyul to recall the drinking game they played in episode 3 whereby everyone laughed at Mae Ri for being the only person who had yet to experience a kiss.

The realization dawns on Mu Gyul, and rather than brush it aside or down play the significance, since it is clearly meaningful for Mae Ri, he apologizes to her, telling her that he simply forgot. He crouches down next to her and offers his back to her – she can hit him until she’s worked out all her anger. After a moment’s hesitation, Mae Ri starts crying and walloping Mu Gyul, yelling that a first kiss ought to be given to the person one loves. She calls him a bad guy and a playboy, then runs off.

Back at the office, Jung In is zoning out during a meeting with Seo Jun to select promo shots. Seo Jun rather accurately guesses that Jung In is thinking about Mu Gyul (but for the wrong reason), and tells Jung In that she’ll handle the contract situation. In the meantime, they should let Mu Gyul sit on it for a few days. Jung In asks Seo Jun how long it’s been since she and Mu Gyul broke up?

Turns out they broke up around her birthday last year, so it’s been nearly a year since then. Jung In asks if Mu Gyul is dating anyone now, which makes Seo Jun surprised at this continued line of questioning. Yes, it makes Jung In seem like a man who is “interested” in Mu Gyul, heh. According to what she knows, Mu Gyul is not dating anyone right now. She continues by calling out Mu Gyul as a wild cat who can only have relationships but never truly commit himself. Mu Gyul once told her that he would never get married, he intends to only commit himself to his music. Jung In takes in all this information with a speculative expression.

Mu Gyul is mixing a new song at his recording studio, and he pauses when he spies the half-finished mitten. He notes that all he did was kiss her once, and she walloped him but good. Mae Ri is burrowed in her bed, tossing and turning, thinking back to the kiss and becoming embarrassed again. Her dad comes in and is happy to see her home so early, hoping that she and Mu Gyul had a fight. Mae Ri sees her tubby dad wedged into a too-small suit. When told he’s dieting to look good as the father-of-the-bride at the wedding, Mae Ri repeats her assertion that she is NOT getting married. Good for you, girl!

Mae Ri goes to work early, tired from a fitful night’s sleep. Jung In comes in, and she informs him that he should give up now based on what he witnessed yesterday. On the contrary, Jung In tells her that seeing the kiss simply made him more eager to rise to the challenge. Since he’s the latecomer, he wants to work harder to woo Mae Ri. He invites her to attend the script meeting.

At the meeting, the screenwriter is glancing at tons of poorly conceptualized edits to her story, and is getting furious. A meeting attendee tries to brush Mae Ri aside and tells her to get them all coffee. Jung In steps in and asks Mae Ri to stay and contribute to the meeting. Her proposal for some edits is read by the screenwriter, and is well-received. Mae Ri confesses that she was a literature major in college, and the screenwriter tells Jung In that Mae Ri would be better suited assisting in the project development group or as a screenwriter’s assistant. Jung In is happy to accommodate if that is what Mae Ri wants.

Back in her office, Mae Ri overhears the bitchy manager on the phone with Mu Gyul, continuing her threat to ruin him by refusing to honor that he has paid the penalty on cancelling their contract. When she arrives at Mu Gyul’s apartment, she finds a copy of the contract and put it in her bag before Mu Gyul wakes up from his nap and catches her.

The sleepy cat gets up and takes a drink of water. Mae Ri watches his lips in action, and she turns the cutest shade of pink, clearly thinking about their kiss. Mu Gyul notices her red cheeks and asks if she’s sick, reaching down to touch her. Mae Ri puts up her hands in a X over her head and tells Mu Gyul that she’s leaving right now. He notes that it’s not time for her to go yet (oh yay, now he’s keeping track of time for the opposite reasons as before), but she runs out telling him she doesn’t want to get him sick.

Mae Ri hands over the contract to Jung In, asking him to help out. Jung In confronts the bitchy manager – the contract amounts to an illegal indentured servitude contract that many managerial companies try to do to wrap up an up and coming performer. Jung In threatens to let the bitchy manager’s management company know what she is doing behind their back. The bitchy manager agrees to release Mu Gyul from his contract, and to make sure that Lee An’s schedule is reworked so that he is available for the drama filming.

Mu Gyul gets a voicemail from the bitchy manager releasing him. He’s confused until Mae Ri, who is cleaning his apartment, pops up asking if the situation is resolved. Mu Gyul easily guesses that Mae Ri went to Jung In for help, and he gets upset at her and walks out. Mu Gyul goes to see Jung In, asking if this was a ploy to get him indebted to Jung In and agree to produce the drama OST.

Jung In tells Mu Gyul to stop looking at everyone with such a jaded eye. What can Jung In do to make Mu Gyul trust him? Mu Gyul points to the row of expensive guitars lining the office – a guy like Jung In who collects these guitars and lets them collect dust is not someone who appreciates music and can be trusted. Mu Gyul walks out, but before he gets in the elevator, he hears music coming from the office.

He walks back to see Jung In tentatively strumming the guitar. After listening for a few minutes, Mu Gyul leaves with a contemplative look on his face. Jung In stops strumming to grasp his left hand in pain. It’s clear that something must have happened to his hand in the past, since he clearly loves music but can’t actually play anymore himself. Poor Jung In. Don’t cry baby, you’re too pretty to be sad.

The next morning, Jung In discusses with Mae Ri how Mu Gyul is unlikely to change his mind about the contract when Mu Gyul walks into the office. He’s there to sign the contract. Jung In asks why he changed his mind? Mu Gyul tells Jung In that the guitars are not just for decoration, and that he changed his mind because of Jung In (and his real appreciation for music). Mu Gyul has just one request about his contract with the company – the contract will end at the same time the 100 day marriage arrangement ends.

Jung In asks why, and Mu Gyul tells him that even though he now trusts Jung In on the business and music side, he doesn’t trust Jung In one bit with respect to anything else. Jung In agrees, business is business, but he is not planning to back off on Mae Ri. He still intends to win her in the end. Mu Gyul is slightly taken aback at this, but then both guys smirk at each other. There are only 77 days left. Jung In asks Mu Gyul to keep the convoluted relationship a secret at work, and Mu Gyul agrees, saying that revealing it would be complicate things for them as well (them referring to himself and Mae Ri).

Mu Gyul’s out drinking with his band mates, and informs them that their new boss is Mae Ri’s legally wedded husband. The friends tell Mu Gyul that he should use this opportunity to step all over him at work. They offer to call Mae Ri “brother’s wife” in front of everyone. Mu Gyul warns them to keep quiet about this since no one knows at work.

One friend asks Mu Gyul to be honest – does he still not see Mae Ri as a woman? Mu Gyul thinks and confesses that sometimes he sees her differently…..she reminds him of his mother. Mwahahahaha, the friends are flabbergasted that Mu Gyul wants motherly affection from Mae Ri. Mu Gyul tells them to stop with this nonsense, he still does not see Mae Ri as a woman, alright.

Mu Gyul gets a call from his mom and steps outside to take it. His flighty mom announces that she resolved things with her ex, and doesn’t need the money anymore. Mu Gyul is upset, but can’t do anything about her irresponsible ways. He turns around to find Mae Ri behind him, having just arrived. He confesses that his mom doesn’t need the money anymore. Both sit down and discuss how each other has a totally irresponsible parent that makes their lives so difficult.

Mae Ri says that they are suffering from the same ailment. The both sigh at the same time and drop their heads in exasperation. Oh they are so cute together! Mu Gyul thanks Mae Ri for helping him get rid of the bitchy manager, and she crows that she is a reliable noona to him. He pinches her cheeks, telling her that she’s not a noona, they are like brothers who watch each other’s back.

Mae Ri pushes him aside, not comfortable with the usual Mu Gyul touchy feely teasing anymore. He notices it, and tells her that because he accidentally kissed her once, she needn’t treat him like he’s some molester. She tells him not to do anything in the future that will surprise her. Mae Ri walks into the restaurant to find Seo Jun sitting there with the rest of the band. Seo Jun wonders why she is there, and Mu Gyul arrives to introduce Mae Ri as a fan of Absolute Mu Gyul, and the rest of the band mates play along.

Seo Jun ribs Mu Gyul for not listening to her about the contract, but then signing it in the end. She then asks Mae Ri what her favorite song is from the band, and Mae Ri picks the bus song but pronounces it incorrectly. Seo Jun surmises that she’s just a fan of Mu Gyul’s pretty boy looks. Oh lady, you are so clueless I feel bad for you. Mae Ri asks what their relationship is, and Seo Jun says lovers….the pauses for effect before adding the addendum that they were formerly lovers.

Mu Gyul pours Seo Jun a drink, and then gives her a drink of soup afterwards. Just like he did for Mae Ri, which likely makes her realize that Mu Gyul treats all the ladies the same way. After the meal, the gang wants to go for round two, but Mae Ri declines and start walking home. Mu Gyul breaks from the group as well and tells Mae Ri to go home with him first, he has something to discuss with her. Seo Jun watches them curiously.

Back at the apartment, Mae Ri and Mu Gyul rehearse a scene from Wonderful Life, and Mu Gyul stops midway from all the heebie-jeebies he’s getting from saying such sappy dialogue. Mae Ri extols him to understand the story and get into the mood, so that he can create the perfect OST to compliment the scenes. Mu Gyul says that dramas are immature, but then gets back up to continue the scene, leaning in for a kiss.

Mae Ri gets nervous again and pushes him away even though he was just acting according at her request. Mu Gyul asks her if she likes him now. Mae Ri refutes that possibility. Mu Gyul tells her that he has never spent more than one month with a girl, and isn’t about to start now. He predicts their 100 day arrangement won’t even reach the end.

Mae Ri conversely warns Mu Gyul to not get into a pissing match with Jung In over her, and fall in love with her first. Mu Gyul then decides to condition his hair (!!!) right in front of Mae Ri. I dies of the ridiculous! She notes that he’s totally losing his cool image with her, and he snerks that this makes it easy for her not to fall in love with him.

Mae Ri is sitting in a coffee shop zoning out when her two friends pop up and ask her which guy she’s mooning over. Mae Ri objectively notes that when she is with Jung In at work, he’s a good guy. When asked about Mu Gyul, Mae Ri reveals that, for some reason, whenever she’s with Mu Gyul lately, she feels slightly uncomfortable around him.

Jung In’s dad takes Mae Ri’s dad to a dukbokggi store and tells him to run it from now on. It’s his gift for getting rid of Mu Gyul. Wimpy dad doesn’t have to guts to reveal that he didn’t succeed in getting rid of Mu Gyul. Jung In introduces himself to the rest of Mu Gyul’s band mates, and announces his intention of becoming a fifth member in spirit, so he’s not just a money making manager to them.

News comes out that Seo Jun and Lee An are in love and spent her birthday party together. Lee An wants Seo Jun to date him for real, and for them both to dump Wonderful Day rather than wait 3 months for the project to start filming. Seo Jun goes to meet with Jung In, but Mae Ri tells her that he’s in a meeting. Seo Jun uses this opportunity to warn Mae Ri not to fall for Mu Gyul, who is easy with all the girls but never stays with anyone for more than a month. Mae Ri tells her that nothing of the sort with happen between her and Mu Gyul.

Jung In meets with his devil daddy, who warns him with the usual – keep wooing Mae Ri, keep a grip on the drama production. His dad tells him that if an actor is giving his drama trouble, to take a heavy handed approach to set the tone that the company isn’t to be trifled with. Jung In takes Mae Ri out to lunch, and she commends him on handling so many pre-production headaches, such as Seo Jun’s scandal, which keep popping up.

During lunch, Mae Ri remarks that actors can be so disloyal. If a project gets delayed, they just bail. Mae Ri tells Jung In he should just produce the drama regardless (i.e. without television station broadcast approval). After lunch, Jung In asks Mae Ri what she does after work. He says that Mu Gyul is his rival, so he wants to know what kind of dates they go on. Mae Ri says Mu Gyul works on his music and she watches dramas, they stay home and cook and clean. When Jung In asks if Mu Gyul cooks, Mae Ri covers for him and says that he both cooks and cleans.

Mae Ri is cleaning up the mess Mu Gyul made, and she calls him to complain that he shouldn’t make his place such a mess all the time. Mu Gyul retorts that he didn’t ask her to clean, and he’s perfectly fine with the mess. She asks him if he’s coming home for dinner, or is he planning to eat out. He tells her that he wants to eat at home, he’s craving some bean stew. Mae Ri’s face lights up, she’ll make it for him, but he shouldn’t dawdle but come straight home since it’s so cold out. Their wifely-husbandly banter over chores, cleanliness, and coming home to have dinner is too cute.

Mae Ri finds the unfinished mittens when she’s cleaning. She finishes it for Mu Gyul, and sends him a text with a picture of the bean stew she cooked for him. Mu Gyul is recording a song with Seo Jun, and he smiles when he reads her text with the picture of the stew. He ends the session with Seo Jun for the night, and she comes by and thanks him for making it so comfortable to work together now.

She asks if he’s still planning to never get married, to which Mu Gyul says that marriage isn’t something that suits him. She drives him home, and Mu Gyul gets accosted by Mae Ri’s dad, who was given pictures taken by Jung In’s dad’s surveillance team indicating that Mae Ri is still hanging out with Mu Gyul every evening. Mae Ri’s dad accuses Mu Gyul of two-timing Mae Ri with another girl, Seo Jun.

Mae Ri’s dad tells Mu Gyul that even though they got married secretly, something still seems off. Shouldn’t Mu Gyul have come to beg for approval from him? He tells Mu Gyul to come and see him tomorrow, officially making his acquaintance as a son-in-law. He also tells Mu Gyul to cut that damn hair! Mu Gyul refuses, and then busts out laughing when he sees Mae Ri’s dad straining his belly inside his too-small suit.

Mae Ri’s dad confesses that Jung In’s dad is pressuring him to get rid of Mu Gyul. Mae Ri goes to see Jung In’s dad, and calming reminds him that the 100 day arrangement was his proposal. She’s disappointed that he would seek to undermine it. She wants him to back off Mu Gyul, and she will continue to honor the 100 day arrangement. He agrees.

The next day, Mae Ri is waiting for Mu Gyul at their usual playground. He arrives and startles her with his newly shorn hair. Mae Ri’s dad is amazed, seeing Mu Gyul’s decision to cut his hair (which he views as more important than his life) as determination to be serious about Mae Ri. Mu Gyul tells her dad that he won’t be coming to find him anymore, right? Mae Ri’s dad agrees, and the lovebirds walk out of the restaurant having placated him yet again. Best part is when Mu Gyul grabs Mae Ri by the shoulder and call her “chagi-ya”.

Back at Mu Gyul’s apartment, Mae Ri apologizes for him having to cut his hair to appease her father. She gifts him with the finished mittens, which he puts on and says are quite warm. She’s still upset he cut his hair without telling her, since she resolved the issue with her dad already, and he wasn’t going to bother Mu Gyul anymore. Mu Gyul yells at her for not telling him sooner, then pulls off the short hair wig to reveal that he didn’t actually cut his beloved hair.

The entire production company is setting up the office for the opening party announcing the drama. Mae Ri is overseeing the set up, and Jung In comes by to discuss whether everything is in order. Before he walks away, she fixes his tie, this time for real, and totally natural and normal for her. Jung In asks Absolute Mu Gyul to perform, and the band grumbles at being asks to be party entertainers.

Jung In makes the unsurprising but ballsy announcement at the party that he intends to pre-produce Wonderful Day (which means JI Entertainment will be footing the entire cost of the production and running the risk that no TV station will pick up the end product to air). He announces that his faith in the quality of the drama and his colleagues’ encouragement and trust in him makes him willing to take this risky step.

Jung In announces that lead actor Lee An has agreed to commit six months to this drama, and thus Jung In locks Lee An into this project. Seo Jun smiles under her breath at how well-played a move this is by Jung In. He thanks Seo Jun and the writer, and then asks the crowd to enjoy a song from the music production for this drama. The curtains fall to reveal Mu Gyul and the band, singing “Take Care, My Bus.”

While Mu Gyul is performing, Jung In and Mae Ri are leaning towards each other to talk above the music. She asks why he didn’t tell her beforehand about deciding to pre-produce the drama? He tells her that he wanted to surprise her. She responds that he was objectively very cool up there. Jung In mulls over the “objectively” qualifier, likely hoping that one day she will personally feel that he’s cool to her.

While Mu Gyul is singing, his eyes are trained on Mae Ri talking with Jung In, and Seo Jun notices who he is staring at. Jung In tells Mae Ri that, even as a man, he admits that Kang Mu Gyul is very charismatic and attractive when he is performing on stage. Mae Ri concurs, Mu Gyul looks his best when he is performing. The daggers that Mu Gyul is shooting at those two belie the fact that they are discussing him.

Mu Gyul is signing autographs for the fan girls when he sees Mae Ri. He motions with his head for her to meet him out back. The screenwriter is so impressed with Absolute Mu Gyul she wants them to be in the drama itself, and is willing to write them in to better represent the indie band concept of her drama. Jung In agrees to go speak with the band on this proposal. As he’s looking for them, he sees Mae Ri slinking away.

Mae Ri finds Mu Gyul in the hallway and asks him what’s going on, especially in the midst of so many people. He returns the question to her. During his performance, she was so busy whispering with Jung In that it was distracting and he couldn’t even concentrate on singing. Oh jealous Mu Gyul, I adore you. Mae Ri asks if he’s jealous, and Mu Gyul deflects her question by telling her that this wasn’t just any old performance, it’s very important.

She agrees, and confesses that she was only talking to Jung In about Mu Gyul’s music. But Mu Gyul continues to let his jealous flag fly and tells Mae Ri that she should have been listening intently then. Why was she chatting the entire time? She says that he’s being petty (no sweetie, he’s totally got his ego and his heart hurt is all), and both of them are about to continue their bickering when Jung In interrupts.

Mae Ri grabs Mu Gyul’s arm, which is what she automatically does when they see Jung In, and tells Jung In that they were just talking. Mu Gyul reaches down and grabs her hand (omomomomomo, okay, I swear, this was a billion times better than the kiss because it feels so much more intimate and not for show), leading her away from Jung In, telling her that they ought to go somewhere quieter. So you two can make out? Oh please, please go somewhere quiet and make out!

Jung In stops them with the reminder that Mu Gyul agreed to keep his distance from Mae Ri at the office. Mu Gyul looks right back at Jung In, and throws it back at his face. Is that why Jung In was attached to Mae Ri’s side during his entire performance. Oh lord, this boy is beyond jealous at this point. I love it! Mu Gyul continues to walk away and Jung In prevents their exit by grabbing Mae Ri’s other hand (but while Mu Gyul has his hand intertwined with Mae Ri, Jung In has to resort to the wrist grab). Mae Ri asks both guys to stop it, and everyone walks in on this awesome three-way tableau of two guys fighting over one girl.

Jung In lets of Mae Ri’s wrist first, and then Mae Ri pulls her other hand out of Mu Gyul’s hold. Mu Gyul looks at her askance, and Seo Jun asks them what (the hell) is going on here? Jung In steps in to explain, but Mu Gyul grabs Mae Ri’s hand in his again, and cuts him off. He holds up Mae Ri’s hand with his, and announces to the entire group that this girl is his woman. He tells everyone that they are married! Jung In shuts his eyes in frustration at what this announcement means to him – whether personal (because he has feelings for Mae Ri now) and/or professional (because it makes his pursuit of Mae Ri even harder and thus risk failing his father).


Recaps and screencaps by ockoala. Always the best reviewes, EVER.

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