[K-POP] BIG BANG : GD & TOP To Follow 2NE1’s “Triple-Title Song” Strategy

Popular male group Big Bang members, G-Dragon and Top, will be starting on their promotional activities next month as a duo unit of the group. Officials from the music industry will be keeping a close eye on the duo consisting of Top and G-Dragon (who had debuted his solo album before).

On 29th November, YG Entertainment staff updated their YG daily blog with several breaking news, Big Bang will make their comeback on 1st February, G-Dragon and Top’s duo unit album which will be released during this coming December.

It was not as surprising when YG stated the comeback date of Big Bang as Top was seen with a anime-like hairstyle during the recent ’31st Blue Dragon Film Awards’.

However, many fans were exceptionally surprised at the fact that G-Dragon and Top will be releasing an album together as a duo. Since their first single album in 2006, the two of them has never been seen performing together as a duo, instead, G-Dragon was seen working on Taeyang’s album while supporting the other members.

The news was also grabbing the attention because of the upcoming album. Different units have been formed under popular groups like Super Junior, Girl’s Generation and many more, but it was not common of them to be releasing a full studio album.

Following the duo album, the youngest member, Seungri, will also be releasing his digital single in January before starting the official comeback activities of Big Bang.
Just like 2NE1 who had been given a triple-title song strategy, YG will be using the ‘Separated but together’ strategy for Big Bang which will be expected to last for 4 months.

It is surprising that the duo unit will be part of the whole plan. “The duo will be following the triple-title song just like 2NE1″ and “Fans will anticipate and pay even more attention when there’s only two person singing in their world.” a YG representative said.

The duo had actually performed one of the track ‘Bbeokigayo’ in their upcoming album during ’2010 MAMA’ on 28th November. G-Dragon and Top showed their stage charisma by wearing black suits rapping to their new song, causing an instant rise in atmosphere. The album will include a total of 11 new songs.

Meanwhile, Big Bang along with other YG artists will be holding their ’2010 YG Family Concert’ in Seoul Olypmic Gymnastics Stadium on 4th December.

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