[K-POP] BEAST | SHINee | SISTAR : Stars Get Together For “GS25 Love Concert”

The stage of the ‘GS25 Love Concert’, hosted by GS25 and sponsored by JTN Media Corp., was heated by performances from the ‘Prince of Live’ Lee Seung Hwan and popular groups SHINee, Sistar, Beast, and Norajo.

Fans lined up early on the 28th for the ‘GS25 Love Concert’ which was held at the Olympic Park Indoor Gymnasium in Bangi-dong, Seoul.

This is because that this was an opportunity to catch performances from singers like Lee Seung Hwan, who appears rarely other than solo concerts, as well as those of SHINee, Sistar, Beast and Norajo.

On this day, the girl group Sistar opened up the show with the hit songs ‘Push Push’, ‘Superstar’, and ‘Gasik Girl (Fake Girl)’, and then Norajo followed with their lively performance of their songs ‘Godungeoh’, ‘Curry’, and ‘Superman’.

The performances of idol groups Beast and SHINee were met with screaming reactions from fans. First off, Beast put on a lavish performance with their hit songs ‘Breath’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Shock’.

Then, SHINee received positive reaction to the performance of their debut song ‘Nuna is so beautiful’. They also gave powerful performances of their hit songs ‘Ringdingdong’, ‘Lucifer’, and ‘Hello’.

The highlight of the show was the performance of the ‘Prince of Live’ Lee Seung Hwan. With a career spanning 20 years of making the hearts of teenage girl fans scream, Lee Seung Hwan combined emotional ballads and exciting rock songs to his performance on this day.

Everybody sang together the song ‘As much as the love spread all around the world ‘, which has been loved for almost 20 years, and everyone stood up and participated as the upbeat rock song ‘Superhero’ was being performed.

The two-hour ‘GS25 Love Concert’ was concluded with Lee Seung Hwan performing his song ‘How can love be that way’.


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