[K-POP] Super Junior : Leeteuk Makes An Appearance For CNN

Korean idol Lee Teuk of boy band Super Junior posted an update on his official Twitter site today about his recent appearance on CNN.

Lee Teuk revealed screenshot images of himself and Si-won being interviewed by CNN reporter Anna Coren with a comment below saying, “On CNN news which is broadcasted all over the world..I think I was nervous… Honestly I was nervous (laugh) sweaty as well..but I still managed to speak out^^I said a lot of cool things (laugh)..From now on we will work on being the best Super Junior that can reach out everywhere..^^.”

Fans who have seen the post and interview of Lee Teuk and Si-won responded, “I just watched it! Oppas congrats for appearing in CNN:)” and “Wow! Great job guys…hope you all will always succeed!”

The interview was about how Super Junior became a worldwide phenomenon as well as how they celebrated their fifth anniversary in the music industry.

Lee Teuk, 27 and leader of the 13-member band, made his singing debut in 2005 with album “SuperJunior05″ (TWINS).”

He has played several small screen roles as well as hosting variety and radio programs outside of his group activities.

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One response to “[K-POP] Super Junior : Leeteuk Makes An Appearance For CNN

  1. leeteuk park jung su is the best person who can made a graet naem for his grup super junior and for his cuntry .his working hard make him succsesful I wish to leeteuk shi will be pass all problems in his live so if super junior 13 or 10 memmbers thay are known as super junior with so nice and kindnes person treated other memmbers like his brothersleadered by Leeteuk even thay speraeted thay are super junior all them workes singing, dancing ,crying,them funy moments so many other things they are pop bande in korea super junior leadering or leadared by LEETEUK PARK JUNG SU.tha best angel in tha earth.

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