[K-POP] 2NE1 : The Next Generation POP Icon (ARTICLE)

If you are a fan of the music like Lady Gaga and Rihanna’s power then here it comes the next generation’s Pop Icon!

The sound and their edge and “Fierce Young Females from the South.” 2NE1 does the message and names through their song’s lyrics, unique fashion, the make up, and the hairstyles.

Their songs it doesn’t flatter someone but seems to be you and enjoy the life.

A lot of young generations who just entered their teens are strongly sympathizing and can relate with the posture and stand 2NE1 expressed in their song and fashion sense.

The group name 2NE1 after the number 21 means New Evolution of 21st century. The group has four members; Leader CL (shie-eru), BOM (bomb), DARA, (dollar), and Minzy (MINJI). It is a group with variety as some of the members already has experienced in entertainment world where it has taken an actress in the past, and the member pulls the blood of a traditional dance person. They came from YG Entertainment and the same labelmate with the another exceptional talent BIGBANG to charm western style music fan staunchness, and in the top of succession. 2NE1 has variety of music living to their group’s name.

TEDDY, is the man behind the production of 2ne1 as well as the main producer of YG Entertainment that also handles BIGBANG. He referred 2ne1 as, “The voices blend so well.” Etc. He succeed in blending, dance, rap, cute voices and put different color with the group’s voices and is already cool to hear them in pop art, in R & B, hip-hop, electro, beat, auto tune etc.

Even Dr.Dre and the producer of MIA and even musical celebrity Will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas is captivated with 2NE1.

The street culture of their fashion sense and the mode of progression are done and original. Colorful fashion is a big charm for 2ne1 too, and they already existed as trend setter and Fashion leaders. Can be compare to Rihanna, they are all Fashionistas with their own touches. And the popular designer behind Madonna’s, Jeremy Scott speak higly of them and even made an original design for the group’s album garnered alot of attention.

The next pop generation icon at the world level from Asia. 2NE1 is correct and the front runner.

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