[K-POP[ Oh Won Bin : Clears Rumors About Not Being In Good Terms With FT Island

Oh Wonbin (20) who left FT Island is finally having an solo comeback. He also tires to settle rumors about him not being in good terms with his former bandmates.

Oh Wonbin will officially comeback with the song ‘I love you and I love you’ and start his promotion activities. After leaving FT Island, this is his first official debut as an solo singer for 2 years. Although Oh Wonbin participated in last year’s SBS TV Drama ‘You’re beautiful’ OST but there were no promotional activities.

Thinking about standing on stage again after 2 years made him feel nervous.

Oh Wonbin said smilingly, “After all, this is also counted an comeback, but it feel as nervous as the first time I stepped onto stage. Thinking about able to meet my fans again made me very happy.”

Although ‘I love you and I love you’ is not able to deliver the music style I wanted to, but it is still a song the fans will love. It’ll be a start to show everyone how far I’ve developed.

When Oh Wonbin left FT Island, he wanted to make music which belonged to him.

That’s is the reason why this comeback attracted alot of attention. Howver, Oh wonbin felt that the change might be too big and thus still chose to stick with a music style the fans would be more familiar with. So, this comeback is only a step to his new music career. Oh Wonbin said honestly, “I play the guitar in FT Island. I love to play the guitar and sing, so I would like to try out different music styles such as Hip hop, R&B, ballad etc.

“I am currently learning composing in my university and have also composed my own piece and I’ll be like John Mayer and become a talented singer-song writer.”

Oh Wonbin have also mentioned about the rumours between FT Island and him. From the beginning, they have been unproven.

He smiled and said “Before I left, we had many discussions. I wanted to make my own music and re enter school life and thus I left FT Island.” He then quickly continued, “After I left, we still kept in contact and still had a good relationship with each other. Before releasing the single, I talked to the FT Island members through the phone and they also said they would help to promote using their own twitter personal accounts. FT Island members are still my reliable buddies.”

Also, Oh Wonbin will also be having an official comeback stage on the 12th on Music bank.

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