[K-POP/J-POP] DBSK : Changmin’s Interview With Chorus Magazine (DETAILS)

“It is essential for me to have time to fall in love, I want to have more time, just a little bit more…” – Changmin, CHORUS Magazine, Dec 2010

DBSK’s Changmin has been featured in the December issue of CHORUS Magazine. Changmin not only completed a photoshoot but also did an interview.

During the photoshoot, Changmin was asked to unbutton his shirt and he shyly refused saying, “No no, It’s okay to have my shirt buttoned!” He later compromised by saying, “I don’t usually let people see that!” To clarify his last statement he explained, “No, it is not like that. My female friends have never told me that, maybe because I am not that popular…”. Changmin was happy to hear from staff member, Ninagawa, that he has become more mature since the last time they met each other.

In response to Ninagawa’s comment on his maturity, Changmin said, “I have indeed changed a little. Even though I still can’t be considered as aggressive, but I’ve begun to realize that I need to express my feelings straightforwardly to the girl I like. I will be very careful before I confess to her. I will take into consideration the character, moral values, and lifestyle, to see whether we can get along well. Saying ‘I love you’ when meeting for the first time, this is most probably attraction only by the appearance. I was like that before, but there are many beautiful girls in this world! So I would like to find someone who can match perfectly with me.”

Changmin also expressed his thoughts about girls and relationships. When asked about what his ideal type of girl is like, he answered:

“If compared to the innocent and cute type of girls, I admire the beautiful women more. There are many criteria to be fulfilled in the requirements of my ideal type, but if I reveal too much, I will become the enemy of women. The criteria that I insist on are the girls who have proper manners, girls who like sports, and with an active and lively personality. Maybe other people will think that I am too greedy, but I still hope that she can try to understand me. I don’t mind about the age difference though. I even said that I admire someone like Takeuchi, and recently I saw a poster of Aragaki Yui. I was surprised to see her becoming more mature, I feel “Whoa… she is really beautiful!”. Frankly speaking, I do pay attention to many people.”

In addition to revealing a bit of what he considers his ideal type of girl, he also discloses that he would not like to fight over a girl.

“If I have to fight over to get the girl I like, then I will just give up now. But if that person can make me do like that, and makes me want to make her mine, I will not meet with her again. Because she makes me feel that I have to go after her, and fall for her. If I meet with her again, I won’t be able to control myself”, Changmin said.

He showed his anticipation of dating when he said, “I want to date someone! During work, I will suddenly think of “What is she doing now?” , and when eating I will think of “This is so delicious, I should bring her along next time.” I want to have more time on such ‘fall in love time’. I want to be in a relationship with her for a long time, and maintain the feelings of falling in love and continue to live like this.”

He says that although he will not quarrel easily, if he does quarrel with his girlfriend, he will lose on purpose. Besides this show of kindness in his personality, he says, “Regardless of my ex-girlfriend or the people around me, they have always said that I often keep things to myself. If compared to expressing verbally, I prefer to be the one who listens. Even if I have problems, I will think of it is better to have only one person to worry about it.”

Finally, he talks about his thoughts on marriage. Changmin says he would like to get married by 30 and have a harmonious family life. At this part, he also reveals an honest reality that many would find sad to accept. “Now I am still staying with Yunho, but I think we are going to live separately soon. Yunho is already 25 years old, then I think it is better for us to stay separately. I have never lived alone before, so I want to try it”, he expressed.

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