[K-POP] CO.ED : Core Conntents Media Clears Kangho Of Rape Allegations

Earlier this week, we reported on a female accusing Co-Ed’s Kangho of rape and extortion. The issue reached a peak and was a hot issue amongst netizens and fans.

The original accuser has now stepped forward and admitted that the accusations were a lie. An official of Core Contents Media stated that “with the help of family and fans, we were able to catch the original poster who spread these malicious rumours”.

They continue on to say that the person who circulated the rumours came forward crying and admitting to their faults. Agency officials have stated they are planning to sue to avoid similar damage to artists in the future.

The original article has been deleted since.

Although the issue has now been cleared, how do you feel about the entire situation? Do you believe the original accuser should face serious charges? How do you feel about those who thought the rape chargers were ‘no big deal’?



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