[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Moon Geun Young : Spills Her Thoughts On “Mary, Marry Me”

Actress Moon Geun Young will have two husbands in the new KBS drama “Marry Me, Mary! by playing the female protagonist named Wi Mary and engaging in a double marriage life.

Moon Geun Young said, “I appeared in this drama due to the attractive script, characters, and my counterpart Jang Geun Seok.”

Moon completely shook off her previously cold character Eun Jo, whom she had played in her previous drama “Cinderella’s Step Sister,” and came back to a lovely and bright character named “Mary.” Thanks to her lovely appearance in the drama, the drama has gained more anticipation from people. She expressed her feelings by saying, “The best thing is that I can talk to other cast members who are around the same age as me and communicate freely with them.”

Following are questions and answers with Moon Geun Young, which were made at the production presentation held on November 3.

Q. What is the attractiveness of Mary?

Moon Geun Young: Her optimistic personality. I am a kind of person who is trying to think optimistically, but I think that Mary seems to be born with an optimistic personality.

Q. It is your first time to work with the actor Jang Geun Seok. How is the harmony with him?

Moon Geun Young: When we first met, we talked a lot. Maybe because we are the same age and we have experienced similar situations, we could talk a lot about many things together. We could film comfortably from the first shoot, and we are filming this drama in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere thanks to his thoughtful personality. I had decided to appear in this drama because I really liked the character and the script, but actually the fact that Jang Geun Seok would be my counterpart played an important part of my decision. I have always wanted to act together with him, and I thought that it would be more interesting if I filmed this sweet and exciting drama with him.

Q. Is it much easier for you to play a bright character compared to your previous dramas?

Moon Geun Young: Any character could be similar to me or completely different from me. It could be unfamiliar because the character itself is not me, but on the other hand, it could be familiar because I play the character. With this reason, I do not know which one is more difficult or easy. The characters that I played in my recent works [the drama “Cinderella’s Step Sister” and theater work “Closer”] were all gloomy characters who keep their emotions deep inside, but Mary is comparably able to express her feelings freely, so it is different. I used to hide my feelings while acting when I played Eun Jo and Alice, so the actress Moon Geun Young became a restrained actor. When I looked at the character Mary, I had the thought, “I want to be free from confined emotions. I want to express my feelings.” Actually, I had played many bright characters with the image of “the nation’s little sister,” and I could play Eun Jo when I wanted to show my own acting. I think that I could play characters that I exactly wanted to play at that moment.

Q. This is your fourth work this year. Why are you appearing in so many works?

Moon Geun Young: I think that I particularly have more desire about acting this year. I used to give up appearing in a work for the tiniest little reason, but these days, I cannot give up even for a significant reason. I think that I have decided to appear in many works consecutively with the thought, “If I want to appear in it, then why not?” Acting itself is really enjoyable these days.

Q. Can you have a double marriage life like in the drama?

Moon Geun Young: If the husbands are so charming like those in the drama, I might not be able to refuse one of those.

Q. What do you think about the actor Kim Jae Wook?

Moon Geun Young: Actually, I had had a preconception about the handsome man before he came to see my theater work “Closer” on purpose after knowing that I might act together with him in the drama. When I first met him at that time, my preconception disappeared. He is a person who arouses curiosity about him. He thinks a lot about acting and he also has a desire to act.

Q. Fans of the original work might anticipate a lot from the drama. How different is it with the original?

Moon Geun Young: The original and the drama might be very different. We took the important settings from the original, but the relationships among characters are very different. I also read the original, but I think that I do not need to refer to the original.

She added, “From the moment that I read the script and the moment that the cast members had been decided, I felt excited and happy. I will keep this feeling and I will do my best to film this drama with pleasant feelings until the end, and to transfer this pleasant and cheerful atmosphere to the viewers.”


Writer: KBSi Jin Young-ju
Picture: KBS PR Department & KBSi
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