[K-POP] JYJ : Cancels Hawaii World Tour (DETAILS)

UPDATE: JYJ has made another announcement to clear the misunderstandings set by Blaisdell Arena and Ticketmaster. Fans have begun to question whether the concert really has been canceled due to another Ticketmaster event being set up. Blaisdell Arena has also been unable to confirm the cancellation of the event upon being contacted.
JYJ management sent another quick message to fans to assure them that the concert is indeed canceled.

Read the message below:

Dear Hawaii Cassies,

We’re very sorry that the Hawaii team had to cancel the show, but alas it is definitely cancelled.

The Blaisdell Center and Ticketmaster are going through their system updates. As it’s afterhours, the changes will take a… little time to process, but as a courtesy to you, we wanted to let you know as soon as possible so that the loyal fans could make necessary arrangements with the new news.

You will be able to get refunds on your tickets through Ticketmaster. As the Official management team, please check with us for the most accurate information.

Once again, we’re as upset about this as you are, but are doing our best to support our boys – JYJ.

This is further confirmed by the canceled sign on JYJ’s website.

JYJ’s World Tour in Honolulu, Hawaii has just been canceled. The official reason by JYJ’s Management was posted on their Facebook Page and states that it was due to production issues. Previously, concert stops in Seattle and San Francisco were also canceled due to improper venues.

Japanese fans were reported to have booked flights to attend this concert, it’s very unfortunate that the concert had to be canceled. Ticketmaster made an official announcement, stating that “JYJ Fans in Hawaii may contact TM customer service and request a refund or exchange into EHC1110 (Blaisdell Concert Hall).”

The full release is as follows:

Dear Cherished Cassies,

We regret to inform you that the Hawaii show has been cancelled due to production issues. We are very sorry to our Hawaii fans and are very discouraged, but are trying to stay strong.

The NY, LA, LV shows are all still on and are excited to meet you. Our struggle continues to this day, but we’ll fight for you as hard as you’ve fought for us to keep the faith alive.

~Team JYJ

Ticketmaster has also updated their website to show the concert in Hawaii as being cancelled:

The three other stops are still scheduled to go as planned.


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