[K-POP/T-POP] SHINee : Hundreds Of Fans Welcome The Boys In Taiwan

SHINee, known for their loving fans all over the world, successfully completed their promotion schedule in Taiwan.

On November 4th, the group arrived in Taiwan to promote their second album, “Lucifer“, and were surprised to find a crowd of excited people waiting for them at the entrance. Despite it being an early weekday morning, hundreds of fans gathered amongst Taiwanese news reporters from Union, GTV, Free Times, China Times, Baidu and many others.

In celebration of their Taiwanese promotion, SHINee’s images were plastered all over a subway train that circulates around the city of Taipei. Nicknamed the ‘SHINee Subway,’ the promotion will be running from the 1st to the 21st for a total of three weeks.

SHINee also made an appearance on a popular Taiwanese gaming program, GTV’s “娛樂百分百,” and performed their hit tracks, “Hello” and “Noona Is So Pretty.” They also interacted with their fans by playing games such as, “The Eyes Are High,” “My Goddess,” and “This Is Hard,” while teaching their dance moves for “Lucifer.”

A Taiwanese dance team that cosplayed as SHINee also made an appearance and battled against the group. The MC for the show later gave her own rendition of their dance moves and concluded by stating, “SHINee’s popularity in Taiwan is extraordinary.”


SHINee later made an appearance on CTS “Super King“, another famous gaming program run by popular artists like Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang. The group continued to perform “Hello” and “Noona Is So Pretty,” and once more participated in rounds of games with the MCs.

SHINee will remain in Taiwan until the 8th for a total of four days and five nights. A press conference for their fan party and visit will be held at the Western Hotel in Taipei on the 7th. Although their official promotion efforts have wrapped up, the boys will continue to make various visits to TV and radio programs such as “Channel V,” “Next TV,” and “HITFM“.


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