[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Mischievous Kiss : Gets International Exposure With CNN Exclusive Interview

America’s well-known channel CNN has also now fallen under the frenzy over [Playful Kiss].

Recently, [Playful Kiss Special] has been airing through the Youtube platform and is receiving much feverish responses from viewers all around the globe, to which, even CNN will now be holding a coverage of [Playful Kiss].

On the 7th at 2PM in an area in Seoul Kangnam, CNN will be carrying out interviews with protagonist Kim Hyunjoong, production company Group Eight’s Song Byung-jun, as well as Google’s chairman Seo Hwang-wook.

On this day, CNN’s main anchorperson Anna Core will be expected to pose questions to Kim Hyunjoong like the fame that came with [Playful Kiss], acting chemistry with Jung Somin, and interesting episodes that happened, etc.

After which, Anna Core will also sound out Song Byung-jun about the know-hows of production making, and various talks about the making team behind [Playful Kiss], and also not forgetting about the profits from the Youtube special version which will be inquired from Google’s Seo Hwang-wook chairman. It is expected to be a very meaningful and exhaustive chance to be held.

Before Anna Core joined CNN in 2008, she was working for Australia’s Nine-Network. She had once hosted informational programmes like [The Seven Network], [Today Tonight] etc, and was also the manager of Nine-Network in LA.

The reason to why CNN is showing such hot interest for [Playful Kiss] could be much credited to the number of viewers of 520K in just two days after releasing its first episode on the net.

As of the 5th afternoon now, 1st episode of [Playful Kiss] has recorded 768, 591 views, 2nd episode with 438,178 views; wherein if to be base it on the number of channel views only, there is already 1756, 175 views altogether.

For number of comments for [Playful Kiss] videos, it has already gone beyond 3,400 number of entries. Not only were they written in Korean, English, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, French etc were also seen, which reflects the diversified responses of netizens hailing from many different countries, and this is exactly because this Youtube Special Edition was introduced in languages like English, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish etc, which was why. Youtube has also collaborated with the ViiKii community to provide translations in each country’s language.

Apart from these, the [Playful Kiss Special] has also recorded the highest number of comments been left in the [Entertainment] category amongst all Youtube videos; and it seems like this record will not be broken for the moment.

Song Byung-jun CEO of Group Eight also left his sentiments for the Youtube platform, “After uploading our Youtube special version, we have thus come to know about the potential of this global rivalry that is in store through the number of views and comments left by viewers all around the world”, “By overcoming the barrier of different cultures and every thing, we are able to communicate with the fans amongst one another, and thus we could re-confirm the real-time responses in each region around the globe; it’s really extremely efficient through a manner like this”.

Whilst on the other hand, Lee Won-jin CEO of Google Korea also replied, “This Youtube is the biggest online video-sharing site in the entire world which also release the discographies of famous international singers at first hand. And with our special Youtube version this time round, our domestic video contents businesses have also aroused large interest in taking their developments onto Youtube. Youtube is open 24-7, which is why it is so welcomed by our domestic production people, and we hope it will be further welcomed as well”.

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