[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Mischievous Kiss : Baek Seung Jo Diary Part 1 Released On Youtube + TRANSLATIONS (VIDEO)

As promised, iMBC has released part 1 of  Baek Seung Jo’s diary on it’s Mischievous Kiss Youtube official channel.

It is said that they will release Baek Seung Jo’s diary on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

장난스런 키스 유튜브 특별판 승조의 일기 1화입니다!
재밌게 감상하세요 ^^
This is the 1st Seung Jo’s Dairy for ‘Naughty Kiss’ YouTube Special edition. Enjoy~
*Subtitles in other languages will be available soon!

– ytkiss



The noisy ringing of the alarm woke me.
Ha Ni, she who will not be awakened no matter how noisy the alarm clock is.

Won’t wake up even if the alarm has been set,
Why then (does she) bother to set the alarm?
Been revising and preparing for exams till the wee hours of the night throughout the weekend.
Really wanted to sleep a little more today.
It’s truly the pestering Oh Ha Ni ah!
Bride? Hubby?
*sighs* (We’ve) been married for a year now,
and you’re still not letting go of the newlywed game…

To be honest,
since we got married, we’ve not experienced life as a newly-wedded couple
leading their lives on their own, with just the two of us,
so it’s really hard to truly feel what it’s like to be newly-weds.
Eun Jo’s around in the house,
so I can’t express my love for you too openly or explicitly.
(This is) the first time with just the two of us (at home),
this morning, I really wanted to create a day
that’s as memorable as precious gems.

You’d been worrying about preparing a grand feast since morning.
The sausages, the toast, they’re all burnt, the beans were half-baked,
You’re truly the bona fide Oh Ha Ni ah…
But still, the coffee’s good.
The best coffee has got to be coffee that you drink together with the one you love.
This morning, I must be the happiest and most fortunate person in the whole wide world,
and I must be the one with the most yummlicious breakfast too!

You didn’t sleep well at all the whole of last night,
Just because you were planning and working out how to spend the day with me.
English breakfast, coffee,
and how you woke up early in the morning to shop for ingredients,
to do the laundry, to pick up clothes for me,
and to watch a romantic movie together with me.

Just like a fool, you were muttering to yourself. Haha.
Just for me, you keep giving more and all of yourself,
No matter who, no one’s love can compare to your love for me.

Oh Ha Ni… like this… truly adorable and makes me love you so.
What you feel for me, I seem unable to repay or give you back something in return.
Today, I willingly give all of myself and devote my entire being, body and soul,
to be your ‘present’.
This heart of mine, this present is your plans for today.
You wanted to go watch the movie now, no?
And you’ve selected the clothes for me to wear, no?

Oh Ha Ni…
Just as I had expected, it’s couple outfits from top all the way to our toes.
Everyone’s looking at us, as though they’re laughing at us.
It’s really annoying (embarrassing?)… this situation.

But, the whole of today, I’m willing to be your ‘present’,
so let’s just do as you wish.
Let us just live like this.
For you, I stooped to tie your shoelaces without a trace of awkwardness;
Just like the shoelaces, our hearts too are tied together.

To love and care for each other, to serve each other,
let’s just live together like this!
Even if, faced with dirty feet that are embarrassing even to ourselves.
“Hubby!” Coz you’re in my arms, I’m holding you,
even the sweet scent of the wild flowers seem to have drifted over…
Oh alright, let me be your village woman (*country bumpkin?) today!
(Chinese translator: Hehe, I’m not too sure what this really means
*bb: I’m just guessing maybe it’s more like country bumpkin coz of the couple outfits…?)

“What is it, bride?”
You really really like my unexpected response, ya?
Oh Ha Ni, who threw herself at me like that,
and giving me a peck on the cheek before running away in shyness.

You shy laughter spread in the surrounds,
as though the sprouts were budding, and the flowers were blooming.
This morning, your face, and mine too,
were shining with happiness just like fireworks.

-The End-

LOVE IT TO BITS! Looks like WGM prepared our KHJ well. Keke.

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