[K-POP] SHINee : Caters To Netizens’ Questions (DETAILS)

On SHINee’s website, the members encouraged fans to post questions they wished to be answered. As questions started coming in, SHINee kept their promise to read them.

SHINee read curious fans’ questions, and decided to answer some of the questions. Read what SHINee answered to below:

SHINee: Hello, we are shining SHINee!
Onew: Yes, everyone, you’ve been happy and well, right? SHINee has been working hard these days with “Hello” activities. Would you happen to know the reason why we have suddenly gathered like this?
Key: We are going to pick a few questions that you have asked us through Melon and answer them. Please give us the questions.

hjlove9405: SHINee as luxury idols! Do you like it? What other adjective is there that can represent SHINee?
Onew: Yes, luxury idol. Isn’t that a word that puts one in a very, very good mood? Isn’t it possibly signifying that our value appears to be that high?
Key: We’re very pleased with it. Music is luxury, clothes and fashion are also luxury, it’s nice that people are saying things like that, and as for other modifiers there is the one we’ve been saying all along, “contemporary band,” and there are a variety, but I think that there will be more modifiers that will form in the future.

김공룡쫑쫑쫑: I think that SHINee really possesses many charms. A particular charm unique to SHINee?
Onew: Yes, a charm that is unique to SHINee, what could there be?
Minho: What is there?
Taemin: First off I think it’s good that our unique color is distinct. SHINee’s unique color which many people speak of, I think it is SHINee’s unique musical color or SHINee’s unique style. I think it can be felt in those areas.

이진기두피속: Who among your members make you think that he’s impressive when you look at him on stage?
Onew: The member who is the most impressive when I see him on stage… For me, I want to pick Taemin-gun. The image of him working very hard is like that, and I think that he is always developing. He’s very impressive.

Ssqin: The question you were asked during broadcast that made you feel the most taken aback?
Taemin: Wherever we go, we are always asked about our ideal types. Truthfully in my case I don’t have a specific ideal type so on broadcasts I almost always say that I like actress Emma Watson, but I think I feel the most uncomfortable during those times. Who am I supposed to say?
Minho: I see.
Key: When you really don’t have one.
Minho: Yes.

샤이니 쫌짱인듯: The member whom you feel nags you more than your own moms do?
Onew: The member whose nagging is very excessive, shall we count to three?
SHINee: 1, 2, 3—Key.
Key: Me.
Onew: Yes, that’s so.
Minho: First off Key-gun is good to us at the dorm. He looks after us well, makes sure we eat, on a day to day basis… But when that becomes a bit extreme he slips into nagging.
Taemin: Truthfully, to speak positively of it we can call him mom, Key mom.
Minho: To speak negatively of it changes to nagging Key. But still, Key-gun takes such good care of us and he says good things to us more than he nags us on a day-to-day basis.
Onew: That’s right, he says things with affection.
Minho: So we like Key-gun very much.

아기둡깨비: The member whose image now is the most different from his first impression?
Key: Well, I think that all the members have changed too much since then for us to be able to pick out one member. I don’t think anyone thought that we would all change like this. Time has passed and as the members’ interests in different fields have grown we learned to dress and primp ourselves, and when we compare each other to what we were like back then even we wonder why we used to be so different.

똑똑한둡: Does SHINee like manly songs like “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer” or sweet songs like “Replay” and “Hello”?
Onew: For me, I liked the song “Replay” since the beginning so I think that matched us extremely well.
Minho: For me, “Replay” was really good too, but I like “Lucifer” and “Ring Ding Dong” where we were able to show our powerful performances, and it’s really nice that “Hello” from our repackage album is receiving much love from fans as well.
Key: Because the members have our own personal tastes we can’t say that we like just one song or stage, but when we do this performance we like this positive point, and when we do that performance we like that positive point, so I think that it’s good whenever we perform.

콩윤s: Excluding the instruments you’re already familiar with, what new instrument do you want to learn how to play if you have one in mind?
Onew: I want to learn the marimba. I think it would be really fun.
Key: From whom are you going to learn that?
Onew: I’ll go to the actual location.
Key: I want to learn the guitar or piano again from the beginning. What about the other members?
Minho: For me, not too long ago I saw someone who played the saxophone very well and I was so moved that if the opportunity presents itself I definitely want to learn.

890309♡: Describe each member in 5 words!
Minho: If we describe each other in 5 words, first off should we start off by describing Onew hyung? Onew hyung is doing his musical lately so he is showing a performance that is different from our performances. Because he is showing a versatile image while doing his musical, how about something like, “Singing, dancing, does it all”?
Taemin: Multi.
Minho: “Singing, dancing, does it all.”
Key: Almighty Key.
SHINee: Ohh!
Minho: That’s good too. Hmm, then what about this? Key-gun has sense when it comes to fashion, has the most sense among the members too, and it stands out when we do variety so how about “super sense and sensibility jjang”? Is it okay?
Key: There’s a lot that can be expressed with 5 words, right?
Onew: “Complete and utter cutie-pie”!
SHINee: Ohhhh.
Onew: Using a really cute accent.
Key: Nowadays fans are coming up with a lot as well so we’ve been seeing a lot too, and there are a lot of original ideas. Please continue to post up a lot in the future. We will take note and use them amongst the members.

dmsxchd : When you make a mistake in the lyrics or choreography during a performance, what is your personal method in handling it?
Onew: Yes, when a mistake is made during a performance… one has to overcome it very well. So there are times when I encourage a response. And I’ve pretended that it wasn’t me before as well.
Minho: Pretended that it wasn’t you.
Key: Pretended that it wasn’t your part.
Onew: Truthfully I have done that before, but there was no way that part wasn’t mine. Because I started off and forgot the middle part, I have a memory of that having been very difficult but I will work hard not to show such an image in the future.

real923: What type of pose do you strike when you want to express manliness?
SHINee: When we sing a song that gives off a manly power we think it comes out naturally on stage. ^^

qbeb888: A recent episode from your car or dorm that was the most fun!!! Let us know.
SHINee: Oh, maybe it’s because the song we’ve been promoting lately is “Hello” but when we are bored amongst ourselves, no matter what the situation is the word “Hello” leaves our lips frequently. Always joyful.

딱밤왕이진기: You meet a SHINee fan on the street. But they say that they like another member more than you, how do you feel at that moment?
SHINee: Hello ㅋㅋㅋ

나리치:When you go to karaoke the score that defeats your confidence! What is the score!!
SHINee: When we’re working hard at singing and someone accidentally presses the cancel button and our score doesn’t come out. Defeat. Hello ㅠㅠ

prima1225 : “She sells sea shells by the sea shore. The shells she sells sure are sea shore shells, for if she sells sea shore shells as sea shells, the shells she sells are sea shore shells.” Which member is able to say this the quickest?
SHINee: Huk.. We all got it completely wrong. Hello Hello Hello

Taemin: Yes, until now we have been answering your questions, was it fun? Thank you. Please continue to ask lots of question in the future.
Minho: Yes.
Taemin: We will become a SHINee who always works hard.
Onew: Until now it was contemporary band—
SHINee: shining SHINee. Thank you.


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