[K-POP/K-EVENT] The 25th Golden Disk Awards : Voting For Your Fave K-POP Artists Has Officially Begun

Voters have already grabbed their phones to vote for their favorite artists and songs to win a Bonsang at the 2010 Golden Disk Awards. What exactly is the Bonsang you ask? It’s the second highest award that you can receive at an award show. Then the winners of the Bonsang are all qualified to win the highest award, the Daesang. There are 4 main categories for the Bonsang: Disk Bonsang, Digital Bonsang, Newcomer Bonsang, and Popularity Bonsang.

With a total of 43% of the votes, Super Junior is dominating with Bonamana for the Disk Bonsang. SNSD’s Oh! is a close second with 34.1% of the votes.

ELFs must be busy texting in their votes because Super Junior is in 1st place for the Digital Bonsang as well. The soundtrack that Yesung sang for Cinderella Sistar, It Has To Be You, reigns first with 26.7% of votes. In 2nd place is another popular ballad of the year, 2AM’s I Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die, with 15.4% of votes.

Beast and CNBlue are fighting for the Newcomer Bonsang. Beast is currently in 1st place with just 10% more of the votes than CNBlue. But there’s still a long way to go and many more votes to come, so the award is still up in the air.

The artists of SM Entertainment are raking in all the votes for the Popularity Bonsang! SHINee is securing first place with Lucifer, having 42.4% of the votes. SNSD comes in second with 23% of votes for their 2 tracks Oh! and Run Devil Run.

The percentage is updated every few minutes and continues to change, so we can’t say for sure who will win. You can keep track of the votes at the Golden Disk website and remember to tune in to the award ceremony on December 9th!


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