[K-POP] Jay Park : Flaunts His “BROMANCE” With Ryan Higa And Philip Wang (VIDEO)

Singer and actor Jay Park showed off his flawless bare face to fans on a recent Youtube fiasco.

From the video called “Bromance” that was uploaded onto YouTube on October 29th, Jay Park showed off his so called “porcelain skin”.
“Bromance” is a comical video that was created by acquaintances of Jay’s, and he was starring in this video with a comic role.

He impersonated a Roman soldier by wearing Roman uniforms and created some controversial scenes of hugging and sharing drinks between guys.
Also, he has drawn attention by appearing with a casual white t-shirt with colorful graffiti instead of being dressed up.

The comical video “Bromance” is known as one of the popular videos on YouTube and reached more than 1.9 million views in its 3 days after the release.
The word “Bromance” is a compound word of “Brother” and “Romance” which indicates the friendship between guys that has gone too far.

His co-star Ryan is a Japanese American known as popular comedian in YouTube who has almost 3 million subscribers and more than 500 million views in total. Also, the producer of this video Philip (from WongFu Productions) is a Chinese American who is also known as a popular producer on YouTube.

After watching the video, fans paid attention to Jay’s “porcelain skin” and commented, “the casual, simple look suits him well”; “skin so flawless, that it made me feel ashamed”; and ”his baby skin and hairstyle are so cute”.

Meanwhile, Jay Park recently released a digital single called “Bestie”.

*LMFAO. These guys are cracking me up. LOL. I wish they all just coop up. Kekeke.

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