[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Mischievous Kiss : How To Watch The PK Youtube Special Edition, Episode Titles & Links (INFO)

Egging to catch the Special Youtube Edition videos of Playful Kiss? Fret now. Here’s the low-down on how you can watch the videos.

First, please tune in and subscribe to their official Youtube Channel,  here is the link:


Playful Kiss Special Youtube Edition Episodes:

Episode 1 SUBBED

Episode 2 RAW

*List to be updated ASAP

Playful Kiss Special Youtube Edition Episode Titles:

1. 2nd November (Tuesday) Morning of the newly wed!
2. 3rd Novermber (Wednesday) Fear of injection!
3. 4th November (Thursday) Making of Jr Baek Seung Jo!
4. 9th November (Tuesday) Baek Seung Jo is my hubby!
5. 10th November (Wednesday) Baek Seung Jo defending the patient!
6. 11th November (Thurdsday) Driving is difficult!
7. 16th November (Tuesday) Happy Birthday!
Special Footage 1 17th November (Wednesday) Special Edition Making Film & NG cut
Special Footage 2 18th November (Thursday) Special Edition Making Film & NG cut

It will begin to air on 2nd Nov (tues) tomorrow onwards. and its final 7th episode will end on 16th Nov (tues).

You may watch it via http://youtube.com/ytkiss. It is broadcasted through the net so it will be available throughout the entire day, without an exact time – 7PM, probably. You just have to key in the URL onto Youtube and watch.

And please refrain from reuploading it to other sites. Just watch it on the YTKiss channel as it will be based on “Number of Views” to attain its ratings, so please tune in as much as possible! This will not be so difficult since it’s open for 24 hours on the net.

Some important reminders:

1.  Please do not re-upload any videos from YTKiss Channel.

2.  If you have ANDROID Phones, please download the NAUGHTY KISS application from the Android Market.

3.  Viikii. net will be subbing the webisodes, please visit this link an press “LIKE” to show your support to them:


4.  Here are some important information from  viikii:

Please give credits when reposting:

Credit to Dellie@viikii.net

The PKer team are now playing an important role in the youtube online special episodes.  We will be providing the official English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish subs for the youtube videos.
The episodes will be released over the next few weeks and not at the same time.
We will be operating in the same way that we have been subbing the 16 television episodes.  The channel will go STOP and work will begin.
There is a slight difference though, we will be working in three phases:
Phase 1) Segmenting, english subbing and english editing
Phase 2) Chinese, Japanese and Spanish subbing and editing
Phast 3) Other languages subbing
Phase 1 and 2 will occur while the channel is STOP.  Other language moderators please be understanding of the team having to provide subs for the first 4 languages first.  Please warn your subbing teams that anyone who is subbing while the channel is STOP for other languages will be put onto the abuser list.
For non-PKer team viewers, remember that Playful Kiss will remain a licensed drama on viikii so only QCs will be able to access the videos while the license hold is applied (and the license hold will be applied for longer than what we have previously experienced).  The episodes will be made public on viikii at the same time that they are made public on youtube and not before.
I will post updates on this channel as soon as I have any more details.  Please PM me if you have any questions.
Dellie xx
Webisode 1 will be posted on viikii tomorrow. The viikii license hold will be on for 48 hours. During that time the PKer teams will be working in 3 phases to sub each webisode quickly. At the same time the videos will be available to watch by all on YouTube. At the end of the 48 hour period the webisode will no longer be accessible by anyone but the translations for English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish will be transferred to the YouTube videos. After 5 days (ie 7 days after the webisode was first released) the webisode will become available on viikii again and the license hold will be lifted.Complicated but please support us – we did not have any say in this.Thanks,


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