[K-POP] Super Junior | KARA : Eunhyuk Gets Embarrased Over Gyuri

Recently, KARA’s Park Gyuri and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk encountered an “embarassing incident”.

In the 31th broadcast of KBS2 TV <Nocturnal>”, MBC Radio <Shindong & Pak Gyuri’s ShimShimTaPa> was having their recording in process. The guest Park Gyuri who had DJ activities, posed a question to Eunhyuk.

That day, Eunhyuk expressed “During the time for the search of Shindong’s DJ partner, I strongly recommended Park Gyuri.” “I want to promote Park Gyuri as a radio DJ.” Park Gyuri who was very shocked upon hearing Eunhyuk’s confession, reconfirmed again “Is it true?” in which Eunhyuk emphasized “100% the truth.”

After which, Park Gyuri suddenly asked Eunhyuk “(Are you) interested in me?” This unexpected question made Eunhyuk flustered. After which, the MCs of <Nocturnal> continued asking the reason behind Eunhyuk recommending Park Gyuri as a DJ and the way Eunhyuk was not able to reply the question, attracted attention.

After seeing the flustered Eunhyuk, the MCs commented “Eunhyuk who’s bad at lying really does seem to be interested in Gyuri.” “A year ago, Park Gyuri claimed that she became a DJ out of her own recommendations, now that the truth is disclosed, it’s really funny.” making everyone burst into laughter.


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