[K-POP] 2NE1 : “It Hurts” MV Tops Most Viewed Videos On Youtube, YG Uploads SBS Inkigayo Performance (VIDEOS)

2NE1 released the music video to their follow up song, It Hurts, on October 31st and the video has already reached over 1,297,000 views on their official Youtube channel in only 2 days!

In addition, they have achieved video “Most viewed today”. The video has also reached “Most viewed today” in Australia (#1), Canada (#4), India (#1), Israel (#4), South Korea (#1), Japan (#9), Hong Kong (#1), Taiwan (#3), and among other countries. The girls are certainly loved throughout the world!

YG Entertainment has also uploaded 2NE1’s first performance of It Hurts on Inkigayo for fans to relive the experience of the amazing performance!


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