[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Mischievous Kiss : Episode 16 Ratings, Was It A Success Or A Failure?

MBC TV [Playful Kiss] has pulled in its curtains with its 16 episodes, leaving viewers and fans in doubt whether it was a success or a failure.

Japanese manga adapted film [Playful Kiss] is undertaken by PD Hwang In-roi who has directed for dramas like [Goong]. It stars Kim Hyunjoong from 2009′s hit [Boys over Flowers] who had began his first luxurious kick-start in that drama, which was what attracted about attention during the casting stage of [Playful Kiss].

However, being starkly different from such anticipation came the single-digit ratings of [Playful Kiss] that recorded 3.5% on its first episode, as it received neglect from the audiences.

Despite that being the case, reactions for this drama overseas is very enthusiastic. It has already sold its broadcasting rights to overseas countries like Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore, etc, 13 countries. Based on the selling of broadcasting rights alone, it has raked in about 4 billion won.

Also, though ratings for [Playful Kiss] is low, it has its popularity on the internet world where it enters the Top 5 Most Downloaded of All Time ranking chart.

Not only that, [Playful Kiss] will also be airing its Special Edition beginning 2nd November onwards through Youtube. It will feature totally different content and is spread across 7 episodes. For this, it is already attracting much attention from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam etc.

Song Byung-jun CEO from production company Group Eight expresses, “The Youtube Special Edition is a brand new attempt to introduce TV dramas through an on-line manner, and through this unique medium video channel we have, we get to diversify our video content; it is very meaningful that way”, “At the same time where the synergy effect could be highest achieved through mediums like TV and online, it also formed a bridge to further give a chance for our Korean dramas and movies to take a leap into the foreign markets. We’re anticipating”, as he states.


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