[K-POP/K-DRAMA] Kim Hyun Joong : KEYEAST Thanks Fans For Supporting Mischievous Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong’s agency, KEYEAST left a message on its official site thanking fans for supporting the star’s latest venture.

Hello. This is Keyeast.

[Playful Kiss] that had begun its long stretch of journey in the hot summer has finally taken a close yesterday night. And so, we are here to express our gratitude to all fans who have shown much concern and love and who have attended to the finale event of [Playful Kiss] yesterday.

Though there are some pitiable parts as well, we have indeed felt the strong love of everybody for [Playful Kiss] more than any other time. You who have always believed and guarded by Kim Hyun-joong ssi whom has given his best for this, I truly want to thank you once more.

Yesterday, after the event, Kim Hyun-joong ssi has left a statement, “It was an enjoyable shooting for the drama. Having met up with fans in such a long while made me really happy”, as he delivered such a sentence. Kim Hyun-joong ssi who has made known that he is very much happier than anybody else for that meeting indeed left a deeper impression in the heart. With this sharing heart, I’m thus here to let all of you know about this by leaving a piece on the homepage noticeboard.

All profits raked in for this finale event is the same as what was in the previous notices. Kim Hyun-joong ssi who has always liked football has stated that he wishes to cheer on for the Korean Female Football Team which has been doing well these days. The female high-school football team who is always fighting for their dreams and yet battling out a good match of game – they have our support. Under the help of Adidas, we will be delivering our support for the football necessities and all. With the congregation of all fans, this achievement has achieved such meaningful results, and we are happy just thinking about it.

We express our gratitude to you all who have shown much love to Kim Hyun-joong ssi’s [Playful Kiss] who is now a part of our family. He promises to show a better and more advanced side to him in future days to come.

Thank you.



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