[K-POP] Super Junior : Kangin Reunites With SUJU During His Military Break

Super Junior member Kangin who is currently in the army went on his first vacation and reunited with other Super Junior members.

On the 14th, Kangin received a vacation from being in the army for 100days.   During his vacation, he met withe other Super Junior members.  He met with Kangta who’s in the same management company and Shin Hyesung near Seoul Hongdae.  A person who is close to Kangin said, “he looked healthier than when he entered the army.  He was bright and showed confidence about being in the army.”

Except for meeting few friends, he spent most of his vacation with his family and returned to the army.  A representative of Kangin’s managament company revealed, “Kangin’s working as a MC in a show at his military camp and is working diligently by using his talent.  Since it was his first vacation, he spent his time with family and friends.”

Kangin volunteered to go the army in July.


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