[K-POP] U-KISS : Eli Assumes “HIATUS” After Surgery

On the 17th of October, U-Kiss member Eli injured his hand during dance practice and was quickly rushed off into the emergency room.

Results from the examination showed that he had in fact, fractured his wrist and also damaged his ligaments, requiring for a surgery in order for it not to get any worse.


Today he has undergone surgery at the Konkuk University Medical Center in Seoul and it looks like it ended pretty well. An official representative commented,

“According to the doctor, the injury wasn’t as severe as they thought it would be. However, the surgery is needed in order to recover. Eli might be able to resume his activities on later date, depending on his recovery. Eli has always had a strong will for (U-KISS’) activities, therefore, he decides to return to his activities (TV appearance) once he recovers.”

He also added,

“U-KISS is currently on very tight schedules, domestically and internationally, as they have just made a comeback. Except for Eli, the other members will continue their activities as per scheduled.”

Eli even managed to update his Twitter today with the following after surgery,

“Finished with my hand surgery =] but they won’t let me drink water until i pee =[“

Fellow band member just had to repy back to his tweet with this response as a joke,

“Wow~! Hey~ Listen to Shut up!!~ the ″Shshshhhh 시시시시~~~″ part would definitely help u pee~~~ LOL! Take care! ^-^)b”

Fans have left a lot of get well messages for him so hopefully, that will keep him busy for a bit whilst he rests up. Get well soon Eli!


© HeraldDM, Alexander_0729, U_KissEli@Twitter.com (source) + Jaymie501@Rocketboxx.net (translations) + Shefa0007@Kpoplive.com | Shared by ©HOTSPICYKIMCHI | Please copy complete credits. Don’t hotlink anything. – HOTSPICYKIMCHI ♕

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