[K-POP] T-ARA | Supreme Team : Soyeon & E-Sens Are A Couple

Supreme Team’s E-Sens and T-ara’s Soyeon have been found to be a couple.

Due to both of their busy schedules, they would mostly chat online and meeting offline would be difficult. When they did meet, they were surrounded by their seniors as well as the people they work with.

They were both born in 1987 and started to like each other through music and their jobs.

Witnesses say that they were seen on a date in Gangnam and their agencies released a statement neither denying or confirming their relationship.

A representative said,

“During Soyeon’s spring activities, E-Sans was always by her side to support her. Their relationship was made even stronger because they both have music in common. Soyeon is preparing for T-ara’s new album these days so they have not met recently but still depend on each other’s strength.”

T-ara’s agency said,

“They are very close but we have not heard about this yet. If two adults date, it is something worth congratulating.”

Supreme Team’s agency said,

“They are very close. We do not know exactly what is going on because it is his private life.”

This is super refreshing to hear because idols have been known to end their careers over having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hopefully, their fans will be supportive.


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