[K-POP] Wonder Girls : Sunmi Gets Praised By Netizens For Being Fresh-Faced And Flawless

Former member of the Wonder Girls Sunmi is gaining more attention lately for her recent tweets.

Sunmi’s last twitter showed off her newly dyed light brown hair. The photo, her fresh face with the newly dyed hair shows off her feminine charms, captivating those following her on twitter as well as netizens.

Her cute facial expressions, pretty pout, and the shy pose where she hides her face in her arm shows off a youthful, and rested photo, making her seem as though she’s still in her teens.

Netizens warmly complemented the photos, saying “her happy face makes her attitude seem so bright and colorful,” “this mature, clean style is so attractive,” and “her face is so moisturised and clear.”

After her withdrawl, Sunmi signed ip for a Twitter to post photos and keep up communication with her fan, making headlines back in July. As of now, she is getting prepared for the start of the 2011 Dogguk University school year for her first year as a Theatre Arts major.


© NTN (source) + omonatheydidnt | Shared by ©HOTSPICYKIMCHI | Please copy complete credits. Don’t hotlink anything. – HOTSPICYKIMCHI ♕

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