[K-POP/C-POP/T-POP] BIG BANG : Leaves A Good Impression On “Lollipop”

In this year, China TV Asia has selected the Taiwanese idol group Lollipop as one of their top 10 stars.

They have come to Korea for making their music video and shooting their photos. In the last 8 days, they visited Jeju and stayed in Jeju Grand Hotel.

When we were conducting interview with them, Lollipop told us South Korea is their dream market.Jwanghaochwia said “We are a funny group to the fans,” said “if we want to develop in South Korea, we have to sing and dance at the same time. We also have to perform in programmes. I want to be in a group that can make the fans of South Korean fans happy. ‘

They also praised HOT as a lengendary group in the music history of Korea.

And Jwanghaochwia said, ‘ I like BIGBANG the most since the 5 individual member has their own particular talent for singing and dancing,’ he continued, ‘and BIGBANG created their own songs too. This is also our target. We want to be as professional as BIGBANG. They are the South Korean group that impresses us the most. They sing and also dance which is our style too. ‘


*I LOVE LOLLIPOP. Suddenly remember their “Brown Macchiato Days.” ^_^


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